JTuned meet this weekend! Chance of no fire…entirely possible!

I remember my first JTuned meet. I think it was back in 2005 when they had the green JTuned meet stickers. It was raining like crazy that day and my homie Kevin and I made the trek from San Diego to go to the meet. You know what I learned that day? Drivin in the pouring rain on Yokohama Paradas is a terrible idea.

Actually I still have a pic from that event….”Coke in a Can” took this pic and it was probably the only pic of my car from that day…and it’s actually one of my favorite shots of all time.

Anyways, even though it was raining like crazy that day, the meet was still jam-packed with cars. The lot was filled, and it was a huge lot. If I remember correctly, it was at the Irwindale Speedway parking-lot. But man JTuned was so hyped and popular back then that people didn’t care about the weather and still came out to show support. Not only that, they even had all the cars featured on JTuned displayed that day out in the rain! It was a pretty cool meet.

Well a couple years have gone by and JTuned actually disappeared for awhile but now it looks like they’re shooting for a huge comeback. And their first attempt at getting reacquainted with the import scene is putting this meet together. I didn’t really see it advertised at that many forums but then again I only look at so many of them. Hopefully they put alot of backing into pushing this event. If it’s anything like the ones they used to put together, then it’s bound to be a good one.

Lisa Fleming will be there too and you can stand next to her while she smokes a cigarette….. What? I’m just sayin’….

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