Wek’Fest Hella Announced for 2009…

The man formerly associated with running the J’s Gathering series of events in Norcal has now set out on his own and aligned himself with Wek’Sos Industries to create “Wek’Fest”. I don’t have too many details but Ernesto no longer associates with J’s Theory anymore so there will no longer be J’s Gatherings. Why Wek’Fest? Umm…Have you considered the alternative: Wek’Gathering? Yeahhhh…Anyways, more details….

Weksos Industries is proud to present a brand new gathering! “WEKFEST” will be held on Sunday, FEB 08, 2009 in the Japantown underground garage in downtown San Francisco!Ernesto JR, the previous gathering coordinator, has teamed up with us to host this event! Some of you might remember the gatherings of the past and already know the turnout will be impressive.  Registration for show participants and vendors will be announced very very soon! We are expecting a full house for this event, approximately 300+ cars along with vendors & manufacturers!

I remember going to my first J’s Gathering this year. It was pretty fun. The roads are pretty fucked in Norcal though. They’re “Hella” fucked-up. They don’t even have potholes there, they’re craters. It probably wasn’t a good idea for me to go clubbin’ the night before with the homies either cuz I slept for 2 hours and had to drive to downtown SF all hungover. I also had the biggest case of the liquor shits ever and had to take a dump inside the Denny’s in J-Town. TMI? Uhh….think of it as a public service announcement. Do not drink gallons of Grey Goose and expect to stand around all day inside a parking structure with no toilets and act like you’re not gonna have to shit. Good lord. I felt bad for that Denny’s afterwards, until I proceeded to order the chicken noodle soup there. You think chicken broth, chicken, and vegetables is pretty straight forward but no. Denny’s will fuck it up. I once ordered a chocolate milk from Denny’s and they gave me water and chocolate powder, I swear. Anyways, J’s Gathering was a pretty fun show. The PhazeXDoods! family took home 5 awards that day and we only had like 4 cars there. We did have an incident with some crew from up there, I forget their name exactly (A group of stock Evo’s, crew name started with “The”, space, and then an “F and ended with an “M” with an “I-R” inbetween; I’m just sayin’) but needless to say, those guys can’t park for shit. Bunch of stock Evo’s with dyno graphs. One guy had a license plate that said “STIKILA” or something and his homie, that was in the same crew as him, drove an STI! That’s “hella” stupid. SF was fun though in general, I liked it alot up there. Excuse me, I “hella” liked it alot. I got my purple shirt, balls tight jeans, and white shades ready for 09….hella.

Big props to Ernesto Jr. for putting this thing together though. We will definitely be there to show our support.


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