Jailbreak at the Honda Asylum…Part 3…I will dub thee “Hondatechgate”…

Oh…but yes, more Honda-Tech news. More and more people are beginning to bitch about the layout and what not. Some have left, many have moved over to NWP4LIFE, and the remaining continue to bitch but will not leave the site because they really just don’t have much to do.  Even more news is springing up everyday involving what went down and why the change happened. Well I caught this interesting bit of news and this is the true back story of why the switch occurred. Basically to sum it up in a nutshell, two childhood friends started HT, one got power hungry and sold HT to Internet Brands, shut his friend out of everything and kept everything for himself, friend is fighting back with gigantic lawsuit to regain what is rightfully his……phew…deep breath.

Well among the 473 threads (Yes I counted) per day about how much HT sucks and how people are bailing, I caught this interesting tidbit. It’s basically the lawsuit against Michael DiCarlo and exactly what he’s being accused of. It is long. Like if your eyes are shitty and you can’t read more than 3 lines at a time or without running your finger under the words, do not attempt to read it. Your head will explode or you will spontaneously combust.

Anyways, I’m gonna head over to the JTuned Meet tomorrow at Super Autobacs. If you want a sticker, just come by and pick one up from me, I got a bunch made. If you want you can buy me food from Red Robin because I can’t stand watching people eat through the window anymore. Oh to be poor….

Hope the link still works by the time you guys read this, alot of interesting stuff in the post, and it basically explains everything.

Money ruins people. Be careful. Everyone has a price. You wave some green in their face, you never know what will happen.

Here is the link again if you’re dense and haven’t realized that I already provided the link earlier (CLICK THIS).

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