another one bites the dust…

Well, you’ve probably already heard that Turbo Magazine recently bit the dust…and you may also have heard this week that Sport Compact Car got the axe….Guess what? Now Modified: Luxury & Exotics is also donzo. Ben Schaffer over at “The Real JDM” revealed the news yesterday that the mag will cease operation….

Times are bad, like really bad. When title after title is being wiped out of the magazine industry, you know something is up. And it may not be the end of the cuts either. Personally this has me a bit worried. As a writer and someone who wants to pretty much do this as a profession long term, it is very unsettling to know that so many titles are being removed from publication. It’s like a guy trying to break into the NBA or something and teams are folding. Or a prostitute trying to be the big whore but all the john’s are disappearing. It creates fewer job opportunities. Hopefully the more popular titles make it the rest of the way as we try to get out of this economic hole. Turbo I guess was bound to happen, SCC was a bit of a surprise because it still had quite a loyal following, Modified Luxury & Exotics….ehhh, I don’t know. I actually looked at that mag plenty of times and I’m sure it had it’s own niche. But with DUB magazine floating around I guess it just wasn’t necessary for it to be around anymore. The economy is so terrible right now that people don’t care to look at modified super high-end vehicles.

I’m crossing my fingers in hopes that titles like Honda Tuning Magazine, Super Street, and Modified stick around. Those are all titles I follow closely and Honda Tuning of course provides me with the means to eat and pay my bills….

I don’t know what I would do if I wasn’t a writer…I guess I could become a doctor, or Spiderman…or play basketball for the Chinese National team…

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