A Nostalgic Moment…DOHCResearch and TeamRice.org…

As far back as I can remember being into all things Honda, one of the first things that pops into my mind was always looking at dohcresearch/dohccorp and teamrice.org…. Back 5-6 years ago, I didn’t even own a Honda and building one was nowhere near realistic. I remember looking at these sites for hours just because they were filled with all kinds of sick pics of the import community in Hawaii….

The two Hondas that stood out to me and still stick in my memory today, are the two hatchbacks you see above. The green hatch was the epitomy of clean and the orange one had such a menancing persona. The intercooler on that thing was just massive. I remember seeing that Skyline APEXi core and just didn’t believe what I was looking at. The green hatch introduced me to Work RSZ-R’s and to this day, I still want a set, even if I don’t have anything to put them on…

I’m not claiming that these guys did anything first, or came up with any specific look before anyone else, but the cars that were on those sites were incredible. I don’t even remember how I stumbled on dohcresearch back then…I think it was because I caught an image of Kara Navarro somewhere and it linked me over to that site. Whatever the case, it always stuck in my mind and I always checked for updates…I wonder whatever happened to Kara Navarro….probably has some kids now and far from the whole scene….

I still believe the west coast has always run things over on our side of the globe but Hawaii was pretty damn close. Their cars just had a certain style and attitude to them. I mean honestly, the moment I mentioned “teamrice.org“, you immediately thought of one of the cars pictured in the above images right?…

Teamrice is no longer around anymore unfortunately but Dohcresearch still is. In fact, they even have archives of all their stuff from the past. Pretty cool stuff. I don’t know these guys nor do I have any affliation with them. I just decided to mention them cuz I honestly used to be a fan of their work, and just looking at their site now brings back a feeling of nostalgia and the images of the cars on that site are forever burned in my memory….

I remember writing a feature for an RSX from Hawaii a couple months back and it made me think back to the days when I used to look at these cars for inspiration. I don’t know what the owners of these cars are doing nowadays but I can see that the scene has shifted over in Hawaii and you don’t really see stuff like this anymore. Not to say that their cars aren’t great anymore, but I just don’t see anything now that really makes me say “damn, I’m gonna remember that” . Maybe it has more to do with me just being more knowledgeable of the scene now. I’ve seen alot in the last couple of years that’s maybe lead me to have a more selective view of “memorable”.

Here’s a shot of the Dohccorp site as it is today. You can see the archive of their previous layouts too dating back to 2000. Probably alot of kids nowadays that have never even heard of these sites. It’s a shame that Teamrice.org is gone….

Here’s some throwback videos that Teamrice.org used to always include with their photo features….That orange hatch was a fuckin beast!


Damn, it’s 4:30 am and still no Super Street Fighter II HD Remix!!!

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  1. Wow man, I just saw some post you had made on NWP4life.com and found my way over here…just looked over all your stuff but had to post on this…

    I remember back in the day when I really got into the scene. I started out on the right foot you could say. The first time I had even done anything was back in 98-99. I ended up going to Canada with clubsi.com and went to a few shops Garage Five, aj-racing, and some other local shops after that I couldn’t stop looking on the net for more Honda stuff. I remember looking up to the Hawaii guys.. Teamrice.org even those crazy guys from teamtoilet.com

    wow how times have change but you can still look back at some of these guy and see that they were just ahead of there times.

    its amazing that I first got into Honda back in 96 but didn’t know anything about them. then by 04 I had my first little shoot on my hatch before it got sold and wrecked.

    Well keep up the work and I plan on book marking this…

    Marcos of 5v

  2. My friend Colin of Dohcresearch linked my cousin Lance this blog post on the now defunct Teamrice.org. I’m one of the two founders of Teamrice.org and I just want to say thank you for being a supporter of us in the past and writing up this great piece on how young the internet was to the car scene. Thanks again for the walk down memory lane. – Justin Saiki

  3. The green car is now in my hands and no longer looks as clean as before and the Works 17s are on a buddy’s ek but hope to bring it back to life soon!

      • I’ll try get some to you soon but trust me she is rough has the b16 in it but the turbo kit was removed and all the nice touches are gone and now sit on….yes rotas all the real deal jdm parts are gone

        Hey sticky are u the guy that was lurking on the cb7 site b4?

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