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Well the year is about to come to a close and what a great year it’s been for Hondas in the import/sport compact community. Seems that Hondas are becoming the car of choice once again as well as personal garage build project cars. Drifting and other make cars are beginning to take a backseat now with the reappearance of great Honda builds throughout the nation. What I plan to do is compile like a list of the top 10 builds of 2008. I know some people may be left out and there could be alot of people with something to say about my choices. But the beauty of it is….that’s it’s my own personal list. And if my opinion doesn’t matter to you, than it shouldn’t bother you at all. I’ve been heavily involved with the whole scene for awhile now and this year I have tried to make it out to as many meets and events as possible to catch a glimpse of everyone’s projects. Doing work for Honda Tuning Magazine has also presented me with a new found love for these cars and meeting the great owners behind each prospective car….

…I have met so many great people this year and it would be my pleasure to try to compile a list of my favorites. If at all possible, I would love to hear some feedback from my readers and fans of The Chronicles. This thing has actually only been around for like 2 months or so and it has grown enormously. I had no idea this thing would be so successful and I really thank everyone for logging on and reading all the awful gibberish I put on this site. I would most definitely love to hear some personal opinions in regards to what you felt were the top cars of 2008. I know I know, there are just so many to choose from, and I already have a couple in mind. It may be tough to narrow it down to just 10, but just think hard about projects stuck in your mind and truly have made a dent on the industry this year.

With that said, please feel free to email me or post your ideas in my thread over at NWP. I don’t really go on Honda-Tech anymore and they won’t let me post my shit up over there anyway. Hell you could even talk to me in person and tell me all about it. Even though I have terrible memory and don’t even remember my own phone number, I will try my best to remember the input that you guys give me. Also, if there’s a car that you feel hasn’t gotten enough exposure this year and deserves to be on the list, please let me know.

They can be mag featured, street parked, whatever. If it’s a great build, it’s a great build and it will get it’s recognition. Thanks everyone for reading this thing and keeping up with it, it means the world to me….

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