What’s goin on this weekend besides turkey day?…

Well with the influx of new members joining up on NWP4Life, the crew over there decided that this Thanksgiving weekend would be the perfect time to throw a new member meet and greet. For those who have been wondering for an eternity what NWP4Life meant, “NWP” stands for Northwood Pizza. This was originally the spot where a couple Honda heads used to hang out at and those heads eventually created NWP4Life…

If you got nothing going on this weekend and are burned out by the madness of Thanksgiving and “Black Friday”, please stop by and come kick it. Meet new people, eat pizza, wings, play games, talk shit, etc…..It’s a chance for people to put faces to the forum usernames and get further acquainted by the laid back atmosphere of NWP. The meet will be on the 30th (A Sunday), and will start from 11am until 3pm.

Of course, don’t be a complete asshat and respect the normal meet rules. Don’t do burnouts, eat and run, general stupid ass behavior, etc. You know how to act like a human being, please be respectful.

Other than that, everyone have a Happy Thanksgiving. Be safe, don’t drink and drive, over shit your toilet, punch relatives, or anything of the sort. Of course the day after, you can go Black Friday shopping. I stood in line for 6 hours last year at Fry’s and I’m still wondering if it was worth it. Of course I got this computer that I’m using now and a 500 gig hard drive for $75 but it was a total pain in the ass standing in line for that long. I would venture to say that it’s about as close to the apocalypse that I’ll hopefully ever have to experience.

Anyways, NWP meet this Sunday! Meets are always good….especially with a long weekend and nothing to do….Oh we highly recommend wearing camo shorts and a black wife beater. And if at all possible, frost your tips please.


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