A Nostalgic Moment….Erica Lam’s Honda Accord…

I don’t know why I randomly thought of this, well actually, I tend to always randomly think of things. When you don’t really have anything to do, that’s what one does right? Anyways….I remember a couple of weeks before SEMA of this year, I was over at Creative hanging out with my boy Billy and Ryan Uchida was showing us a SEMA car he was working on. It was actually the baby blue Scion TC that would eventually win the Scion challenge this year actually….Well I mention the baby blue because Ryan was joking around and said “Yeah, it’s ‘Erica Lam’ blue. If you know that name like we did, that means you’ve probably been in the scene wayyyy too long. If this car is unfamiliar to you, this would be the AV6 Honda Accord that once belonged to Erica Lam of Team Techna fame…..

…It took me a hell of a long time to find these pics too. You wouldn’t believe it considering how popular the car was back in the early 2000’s. Sure it may look “ricey” to you now and to some, it may have been “ricey” then. It was a controversial car to say the least. But one thing about it that would cement it in the history of our scene is that it was a winner. This thing used to win at Import Showoff, Hot Import Nights, etc., etc. Say what you will about it but there was alot of work put into this car, quality work at that….

…The first thing you would probably remember about it was the color. I mean, the thing was huge. It had a custom sheet metal widebody done by Auto Xplosion and R34 front and rear lights. When this thing rolled in (often times pushed of course), it immediately caught your eye. I remember I used to always watch them load the car up and get it in and out of the shows. It was on air-suspension so the compressor would always be going and it was loud as all hell….

…I look back at it now and with the knowledge that I’ve gained over the years being apart of the industry, it’s still a really impressive build. Nowadays the car would probably get laughed at because the scene has taken a bit more of a subtle direction. You don’t really see wild conversions and all that shit anymore. Well at DUB shows. Actually this thing could probably still win at DUB. All it needs is some Asanti’s or some just leave the car hopped-up to it’s highest setting and call it DONK or whatever they call it…

…whatever happened to this car? Well…last I heard, it was put on Ebay for like $35k or something. I don’t know if it sold or not but it obviously isn’t around anymore. It’s probably in another state now or it was dismantled and parted out….If anyone knows, please feel free to tell me….

…Damn, looking at these pics bring back alot of memories….TC Spoiler? Sprewell Racing? Wholesalehyper? Haha, wow, do these companies even exist anymore. Team Techna is long gone too…..I mean, maybe there’s still a crew out there repping the sticker or whatever, but it’s definitely not the same group we grew up with….

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