NSX Dorifto?!

Have you guys ever had a chance to glance at Auto-Otaku’s Flickr page? Man….I can spend hours on there. The guy has some seriously sick photos of events that he attends in Japan. I wish I could take photos like that. I wish I had a camera actually so I didn’t have to borrow other people’s cameras all the time. Actually I have a digital camera but I have the uncontrollable shakes and the pics always come out like I’m running while taking the photo. Like a rolling shot, but the car is still and I’m the one moving. His flickr hasn’t been updated for some time now but I randomly checked it yesterday and caught these images from a recent HPI Drift and Grip event….

…I personally have yet to see a Drift NSX and this is the first one I’ve ever seen. Call drifting what you want or hate all you like, but I love drifting. I notice alot of Honda guys tend to hate on the sport of drifting but that’s probably because they just can’t do it. And the ones that do try end up under a semi-truck or something. I’m a fan of everything related to cars and drifting is definitely something I follow. I’ll admit that once I owned a Honda, I kinda stopped following it as closely. Whenever I get the chance to however, I’ll take a look at coverage or go to an event…

…It’s cool to see an NSX drifting, I just never pictured it. I tried to look up more info on this NSX but I didn’t come up with anything. I honestly didn’t really look that hard because I didn’t want to test fate and see what the terms “Japanese” and “love section” would come up in a google search. I don’t mind looking at gigantic censored blurry blocks and hairy bush but we’re talking about a culture where they have game shows where baby octopus’ and eels are stuffed into snatches for sheer amusement. Trust me, I only need to see it once….

…I notice the “International Allstars” team sticker on there which is a bit weird considering it’s an american car crew/marketing company. Guess they’ve made it overseas. Hopefully the cars over there that they support are more exciting than the ones they have in the states, haha…..

…Upon closer inspection, this actually looks to be a U.K. based car. Maybe it competes in the U.K. drift series or something. I don’t know. I don’t wanna google “English Love Section” either, the internet is a scary place. Feel free to try and let me know though…but you’re on your own if you run into kind of dookie excreting from wherever….

Notice the 02-spec taillights and pre-02 front end. Probably easier to replace the older front-end after riding the wall….

…Wish I had more info on this thing. I’m gonna ask my homie Tony, he owns an NSX….the only difference is his is more broken. And it has a big “Thai” sticker on it. Yup……And he thinks every NSX owner is an asshole. Yeah that Tony….

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