More Randomness….The quest for Hondas at Adult-Con….

Oh man, a weekend update! Not much goin on with Hondas in the world this week. The Honda F1 car is for sale but I thought you guys would be more interested in a Robocap fap pic because it’ll nicely transition over to what I’m gonna talk about next: Adult-Con. Sure there might not be any Hondas inside (That we know of) but we will try our best to cover Adult Con in the QUEST FOR HONDAS! Haha…..Whatever, you know how sometimes you’re on the forum and someone posts a car, and then someone goes “That’s tits”…well you know what, fuck that. We’re gonna go see some real tits, and maybe we might even accidently rub our shoulders on a boob in a totally none creepy or sexual way. I’m pretty sure most of the doods in porn don’t make that much money. Especially not as much as the chicks, unless they’re into the man-on-man porn. So most of them probably drive fixed up Hondas slammed to the ground with Spoon wheels or something and with some angled EK-Squad sticker on the corner of the windshield……I will dub thee…Adult-Con: Quest for the titty shoulder rub…and for Hondas.

I figure I might have to include something car related in this post so here’s some pics I found of a yellow DC2 on purple TE37’s. The Integra is from Crazu Knights out in the midwest…..crazy car, with a simple look, and an attitude all it’s own…Enjoy.

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