So sick!….

Damn, this is awesome. I always wanted to get into R/C cars but I just never got a chance to. It’s cool to see these things cuz they have so much detail in them. This one in particular is pretty sweet. I love the working headlights and everything. Seriously looks like a real car…

…What would you even do with this if you had it? Looks like a real-life restoration project. You always see the R/C cars drifting and crashing into shit but I mean, the way this thing looks, it makes you not even wanna play with it…

…Do they have like, r/c car meets where people just park next to eachother and hang out? Haha…like a real life car meet where you can show of your ride. And people can go on r/c car forums and go “oh that guy doesn’t even drive his car, he’s a hardparker.” I remember playing Forza 2 online and people would all join in an online game and then nobody would race, they would just park their cars and take pics of them. It was the strangest thing I’ve seen in a racing game. One time I just sped off and some guy messaged me on Xbox Live and was like “hey don’t drive your car fast or we’re gonna boot you.”   Weird.

I should probably give you some info about this. It’s a 1/10 scale model from ABC Hobby. I don’t really know how to get ahold of mine. I looked in the links section and they have a U.S. Distributor called DCM Hobbies Creations. I clicked on it and got stuck in the Microsoft Outlook trap…you know how it pops up and you keep pressing “no” when you try to get out but you actually have to click “yes”. That is the wonder of knowing how to read I guess. If you guys can manage to get ahold of one, I would love to get one also…so please pick one up for me. I’ll trade you for a “Chronicles” stickers…. haha..

…Look at the detail, down to the exhaust, badges, and taillights. All it needs are some Mugen CF48 manhole cover wheels…that’ll set this off perfect.

I was browsing the rest of the models they have on the site and their old school Celica is also incredible. Actually all their stuff is good. The only other Honda model they had on there was a Mugen Fit Spec-D. If I had a choice I think I would pick the CR-X but you can’t go wrong with the Fit either. Send one over for Christmas, I really won’t mind….

ABC Hobby

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