2 Honda’s in the Top 10 at Rev Speed Super Battle…

Well I still haven’t had the chance to upload the old skool pics yet but I did catch the results from the recent Rev Speed Tsukuba Super Battle and two Honda’s made it into the top 10. The first one is the one you see above which is the Esprit NSX. I’m sure you’ve seen it around before and if not, definitely take a closer look. It sports Esprit aero and running a turbo set-up. With Tarzan Yamada behind the wheel, the NSX was able to reach a best lap time of 57.085….

…The next car that made the top 10 was a car you’ve undoubtedbly seen on this site on more than one occassion. The naturally-aspirated ASM S2000 sporting it’s crazy aero-package. The S2000 was able to reach a 6th place finish with a time of 57.733….

…I headed over to the ASM Japan blog and saw them post the results posted up there also. They were kind of disappointed with the overall result because track editions and oil on the track affected their runs. The rain and low temperature made it impossible to push the ASM S2000 to it’s maximum potential. It was also noted that they said even with the bad track conditions, their overall top speed was better than last year. Which is promising news in regards to the progress of the development of the S2k….

That’s it for now, I’ll try to get some old skool stuff up by the end of the week….stickers are goin out this week too so be on the lookout for those, whoever wanted them….

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  1. The Gold Del Sol was my boy Kevins car. He was in 935.

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