“The Chronicles…” Exclusive! J’s Racing TSX Front…

So I was hanging out with the homie Salem, who has the A&J Racing-sponsored TSX, and the subject of the new J’s Racing bumper came up. I remember he said he changed his mind on getting it a couple months back because he was disappointed in the grille design. I guess they went kind of wild on the design and tried to implement the Acura logo in it and it came out kind of hideous. Well he happened to mention today that he had been communicating with Ben Leung about it and they finally decided to modify it and ditch the grille. This is the first picture of the updated front on the internet and it comes directly from A&J Racing…

…It looks ALOT better than the initial pics with the big ass Acura emblem. Guess they listened to all the TSX owners on the net that were bitching about the design. I don’t know what other planned changes they have for it but it looks good as is. I’ll give word on release details as soon as I find out… Remember you saw it here first!

…On a sidenote, what’s the deal with parking the cars so damn close…shit, those cars look like they’re rubbing up on eachother at club….

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  1. HAHA first those guys at acurazine complained about the grill now they’re nitpicking on the other pieces of the bumper; people can’t be satisfied!

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