More Honda presence at the Rev Speed 2008 Tsukuba Super Battle…

In addition to the other two Hondas that were present at the Rev Speed Super Battle, a few others showed up and made appearances as well. Above of course is the Route-KS “Super Madonna” that I showed you guys a month ago. According to, The Madonna 999 ran a 1:00.460. Though it was almost under the 1-minute mark, track conditions likely caused it to run slower times than last year…

This silver S2000 belongs to Arvou Motor Sports Service. Arvou isn’t very well known in the states but they’re actually a pretty big tuning company overseas. They do stuff for not only Hondas, but also for RX-7’s, Nissans, etc. The AP1 above is naturally aspirated and ran a time of 1:02.911.

Seeker is also another one of those tuning companies that have yet to make it “big” stateside. I mean, people have heard of them but they don’t have that recognition over here like Spoon or J’s Racing among the common Honda crowd. The Seeker FD2 Type R ran a 1:07.072 with just basic bolt-ons.

Of course everyone knows the J’s Racing K-Series powered Honda Fit. I love the way this thing looks, the graphics on this Fit as well as their FD2 is badass. What’s even more badass is what’s it’s capable of on the track. This littler terror ran a best lap time of 1:00.836! The Route-KS NSX ran less than half a second faster than the Fit….that’s crazy….

That’s it for today, I got work this week and have features to write as well as finals at school. On top of that, I still gotta get ready for a wedding this weekend…..I’ll try to get more old school pics up as soon as I can…..

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