Pubic…errr…public service announcment.

(This might be a bit NWS I guess…I don’t know, I don’t have a real job….trust me, it isn’t really…)

Quick, someone tell me what that front lip(s) is….haha. Zing! I’m still terribly busy so I got nothing much for you guys today. We (I) at Chronicles just wanted to remind you to be a pervert today. Sometimes we spend so much of our time dealing with other stuff that we don’t find the time to bring out the pervert within. As a CR-X lover, who wouldn’t get a boner looking at that Leon’s Mugen-equipped CR-X? What the hell did you think I was talking about?

The Phaze2 DA also features fat lips…and it’s also sitting on Work XSA’s….The widebody Civic in the back is also very nice. Hey if you squint your eyes, those almost look like hoodies.

But anyways, it’s good to be a pervert sometimes, especially on Monday’s, on the week of Christmas. Cuz you know at the end of the week, when you’re with your family, getting a giant erection is inappropriate. Also, when you stick your hand in your pocket to play it off like you’re not scratching your balls….it’s still ball scratching and it’s really obvious.

I really just wanted to make this post because I wanted to reuse the image below….I figure that if you’re gonna have the top two images in your work computer’s internet cache, you might as well include the image below to let your employer know exactly what those images are intended for. And if your boss approaches you and tells you a story about how Robocop can’t really engage in the act of fapping and how he sticks his dick in baby food, you let them know that this image is intended for comical response and not based on factual events.

Coverage of the Costa Mesa Power Honda Performance meet tomorrow, I just haven’t had time to do anything with the pics I took.

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  1. haha.. awesome pics!! made my day .. now email me more!! LOL the first girl looks pretty good..

  2. Joey don’t share pics. You gotta hit up his safe in SD. LOL!

  3. what are the names of these girls

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