2jz-powered S2000…

Oh the controversy….This is gonna start some shit right? Let’s face it, S2k owners love their cars. They treat their S2k’s like they’re ferrari’s or something and doing anything outside the box would be considered sacrilege. If you do something different you’re looked at like the fat dirty kid in school and everyone will pee on you in the gym showers. Above of course, is what Honda S2000-purists would consider “unholy”….Before I begin…Can I please get two broads to pose in front of this S2k and look terribly unhappy in an effort to try and look sexy?…

…Thank you. Moving on….the fact that anyone would pull the F20C out and drop in a Toyota engine should be burned at the stake! At least that’s what those purists would want you to believe. On paper, it sounds like a terrific idea to take the heart of a Supra out and put it in a lighter, smaller body. The problem is people would rather judge the car based on it’s non-Honda powerplant rather than focus on the labor that was involved in completing such a feat….

…Why would someone do such a thing to a perfectly normal S2000? Well because they can. In an industry so littered with in-the-box thinking, only the creative can provide the means to promote progression. It’s easy to see why someone would try and do this swap. 2jz-gte’s have always been known to make great reliable power. Sure you might be able to get an F20c to make similar power, but I wouldn’t bet on the idea of you driving it around and honestly believing it’ll hold up safely. This particular S2000 makes a little over 500hp, so despite it’s showy appearance, the numbers speak for themselves….Not only is the motor built, it also has a GT45r turbo and Ford rear-end to hold all that power….

…I don’t have a problem with the swap at all. The exterior on the other hand, leaves a little more to be desired. The Tracy Sports widebody is nice, but the sizing of the wheels just makes the entire car look goofy. I assume they need the meaty tires because of the numbers it makes but the outside resembles one of those Jadatoys scale model cars….It’s a bit cartoony….

…Oh well, in the end it’s a very nicely built car. Even if you don’t like the fact that the engine has been swapped, you gotta at least respect the work that was done to get it running. They say: “if you’ve never been criticized, then you probably haven’t done much with your life.” That’s definitely true in this scenerio….

Oh one more thing….Happy holidays everybody….have a good one.

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  1. Got anymore info on that yellow coupe? Thing is fire!

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