A Nostalgic Moment….Kash Singh’s Widebody Accord…

Does anyone out there actually remember this car? Man I tell ya, I used to be such a huge fan of Accords back in the day cuz I always wanted one and this car was one of the ones that always caught my eye. I remember back in 99-2000, this was one of the wildest Hondas around in the show scene and it used to win all kinds of awards. As much as I looked at it I was looking through my old photo album and was only able to find one pic that I took. I didn’t feel like scanning it so I took a pic of a pic with my cell phone and this was Singh’s Accord when it was in it’s polk-a-dot stage. I think he went with this look after his car was featured in Import Tuner magazine….

..Excuse the terrible pic. Sorry but you can not imagine how difficult it was to find anything on this Accord nowadays on the internet. It was harder to find then Erica Lam’s Accord. Anyways, I remember a bit of the back story on this car. It was done by Kash Singh and his brother and I remember his brother also had a showcar. All the bodywork was done by the two in the backyard or something and it was all completely sheetmetal. They also were able to paint the car all the time and change the look because their family owned a chain of One Day Paint businesses. This thing always stood out because it was so damn wide and people at that time had never seen an Accord with so much bodywork done to it. What was really cool was that it Singh was one of the first guys to have custom-sized/fit wheels at the time. Those wheels may be hard to recognize but they’re actually the first generation 5Zigen Heidfeld’s. Not the current ones that look like shit but the ones that were made back in the day and were 3-piece wheels. I also remember that their wasn’t much engine work done to it and I don’t even recall ever seeing the bay. I think when it was featured it still had a F22 engine that was dressed up with chrome and wire looms or some junk. Still though, it was a show car and never meant for any kind of serious speed so whatever. I can just imagine how heavy it would be though with all that sheetmetal and that gigantic ass APR wing in the back. Yikes. Also note the USDM Integra front-end conversion….definitely a unique choice for a conversion.

I thought about this car because I was glancing at Jspek.com the other day and remembered that I saw this car pop up somewhere in Texas around 2006. From what I remember the car was originally from Socal. Guess Singh packed up his Accord and moved down there. Mind you the car was featured in the early 2000’s and even the pic you see up top that I took was from Oct. 2000. So for the car to still exist and actually still be in one-piece was pretty crazy. Here are the images that I saw when I was looking at some HIN coverage from ’06…

..Pretty wild ain’t it? Most of the showcars you see from back in the day are long gone and parted out or left for dead somewhere in their parents driveway. This guy was still driving his Accord around 5 years after! I don’t know if it’s still around nowadays but if you know the guy personally or have seen it, definitely let me know. I’m interested to find out what happened to this thing. It’s funny to see that it was relatively unchanged too besides the color. Same wheels, same bodywork, same exhaust, everything. That’s crazy. Only significant change looks to be the removal of that huge ass wing with what looks like a Bomex wing or Prelude Mugen-style wing. Who knows, maybe this car is still around and tucked away in some garage in pristine condition like LJ Garcia’s Feel’s hatchback. Yeah, that car still exists too…

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  1. I saw this car recently at HIN Austin back in October. At first, I thought it was just another random show car but then I gave it a closer and look and realized what it actually is. The Integra front end is gone in favor of Supra headlights but I prefer the old front end a lot more.

    Here are two pictures:

    Great blog btw.

    • Wow, that’s crazy to see that almost 10 years later, that car is still alive and kicking. And looks basically the same too! Haha, that’s quite a testament to the owner of the car….

  2. I do remember that car really good. I went to high school with the guy. He worked at a Mobil gas station in Carson, CA. on the corner of 223rd and Avalon. His accord would sit out there as he progressed into what was back then. He started out as one of those ricers and ended up going off on a tangem by putting an extreme wide body kit on there. To what you see here on this blog. Anyone that was in Carson building cars in the circa of the early 90’s would know of the car and see it always sitting there at the corner. The car didnt blow up till the late 90’s. Great Thread J.

  3. wow i remember that accord i was lucky enough to beat it at and ol skool Extreme Autofest in 2000

  4. The car is still alive.. Still take it to shows time to time.. last outing it took 2nd place at HIN Dallas 2 years ago..From where the pic was taken…Not bad for a car 10 years old going up aganist all the new ones with 20 tvs and such.. i ended up building it in the end the way i wanted not for winnign trophies..But both works..Miss the Scene…

  5. he was in las vegas last in 2004 and i think is working for the ford desgin team

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