Top 10 favorites of 2008…Part 3…

I apologize for the lack of an update but I had to bring in the new year with the fam this year and I wasn’t around my materials to get this up….All the more better cuz you have the opportunity to read over the top 9 again and truly embrace each build. I don’t know what’s going on, but apparently I’m doing something right because I’ve had a major influx of viewers lately and now even more people are following the rambling that I’m doing. Almost time for me to bring in the Kool-Aid so we can hop on our spaceship to meet Zoltan…Haha. But in all seriousness, thank you so much for all the people that are taking time out of their day to read this stuff. It’s actually caught on faster than I could have ever expected. Hopefully with the new year, I get a even more devoted reader following.

Without further ado (ado? is that right?…)….There are many MANY great builds in the year of 2008, and this list is definitely not made in an effort to discourage or discount anyone else’s projects…Think of it as motivation to push the envelope even further…..Alas…there can only be one at the top of the heap….THE NUMBER ONE OF 2008 IS……*drumroll*….

…Michael Hatten aka Donut.‘s 1992 Honda Civic. Why? Simply because this guy’s covered all facets of the game in 2008. Donut has made the effort to make an appearance at every Socal meet/gathering in 08, no matter big or small. Despite it’s pristine condition, this hatch isn’t simply a showcar…

…it has made the rounds at track events and been pushed to the limits on more than one occassion. And we certainly can’t discount the fact that Donut’s Civic is the first privately garage-built Honda to land the Super Street cover in a LONG time. Never did anyone imagine such a simple masterpiece would make it on the cover of a magazine that had previously focused purely on high-priced shop builds and Japanese supercars.

I think I read somewhere that Hatten had mentioned that making the cover was the highlight of his year. Man, as an enthusiast and a pure Honda-head. We should all be proud of this accomplishment. This was a big deal. It makes all the trials and perils of building a car worth it. I don’t want to say “underdog” because Hondas are definitely still at the forefront of the import scene, but this gave alot of hope to people out there who build their own cars. You don’t always need corporate backing or major sponsors to get recognized. I’m pretty sure Donut didn’t build this car in hopes of just getting a feature. He built with purpose, ingenuity, and as a dedication to a good friend.

…Or you can look at it this way. It’s just one of those cars….everytime you see it, you just kinda stand there and look at it. You don’t know why, you just do. Even when you know there’s nothing new done to it. You can run into it 10 years from now and do exactly the same thing. It’s almost frozen in time. The outside is simple. White, lowered, a front lip, and always on a nice set of wheels. The inside is a little more complex. Also simple. But the thought process is executed brilliantly with alot of hardwork and creativity.

“At the end of the day, it’s just a Civic,” they say….right…

It’s also The Chronicles’ #1 Honda of 2008.

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  1. knew it’d be donut. haha

  2. well deserved. donuts build is as good and clean as it gets

  3. “At the end of the day, it’s just a Civic,”

    i’ll take it over a grand multitude of cars, it is truly a masterpiece and as mentioned, should be motivation for all who do any work at all from their garage

  4. Wow, I don’t even know what to say! What a surprise!!! I can’t believe mine was your favorite out of all those badass rides. It truly is an honor and a great compliment. Thank you Joey.

    I can’t even believe I just saw this lol

  5. Back around 96 or so super street was one of the first import mags I had ever seen. On the east coast it was hard to find. Every month became a quest to find it and the new SCC and Turbo issues. After years of corporate show pieces and terrible writing I became disgusted with the mag that introduced me to imports in the first place. After SCC got the axe I thought Honda Tuning was the last decent mag left. This is the car that got me reading super street again. For the last couple of years it had become a magazine I picked up at the grocery store to flip through while my wife looked at romance novels, just to end up back on the shelf. This car stood out more than any $100,000 evo build, or straight from japan drift silvia. Donut, super street has you to thank for at least one more monthly reader.

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