J’s Racing TSX front bumper released…

Well, after all the hoopla about whether or not the grille with the gigantic Acura/Honda logo was ugly, J’s Racing officially releases it’s new front aero bumper for the TSX/Accord Euro-R. Their solution to everyone’s bitching? It was simple. Release the grille as an option. Leave it to the Japanese to come up with such a brilliant idea….I mean, it’s not like people weren’t gonna buy it and just take the grille off anyway, but the guys over at J’s Racing came up with an idea to charge you for that extra piece….

I personally prefer it without the grille. After staring at it and pre-production pics of it for the last couple months, I must say that I’ve grown used to staring at the big ass emblem. I guess it doesn’t look that bad…

I must say though, the overall car is a bit of a letdown. With all the other J’s demo cars rocking all kinds of crazy graphics and vinyl art, I was a little disappointed to see that this TSX was so plain. I expected to see like a gigantic camel breathing fire into some metal knives with cherry blossom pedals sprinkled down from the top….oh well. Maybe they’re working on it… =P

J’s Racing

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  1. the white wagon is a new Accord Wagon

  2. The bumper is pretty sick lets see who gets their hands on one first………

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