VIP-style TL and Accord…

When you normally think of the term “VIP” in the Japanese tuning world, you rarely ever think about Hondas. That scene is usually left for the Toyota/Nissan crowd and it is really rare to see a Honda styled in such a way. Many purists argue that Hondas can’t be “VIP” because they’re not really luxury high-end model vehicles. The term “VIP-Style” was then created and used when associating any vehicle that is themed in such a way, but not meeting the criteria of being a high-end vehicle…

I’ve always loved the way the cars looked in the VIP community. I am very big on the stance of a vehicle and nothing commands more road presence then a big luxury car hammered on some Japanese VIP wheels. I remember I always wanted to try to build a VIP-styled car. I would look at VIP magazines when I was younger at my local Mitsuwa market and would always talk amongst my friends telling them that we would be the first to bring that scene over here. The reality of it was that we were kids at the time and had no idea how hard it was to get a Lexus/Infiniti, etc., let alone afford the parts for it. 10 years later and I’m still trying to afford some of the parts for it. I’m sure everyone knows by now that I sold my Honda so that I could attempt to attain my goal of building a VIP ride. Totally bad timing with the whole economy being in the shithole with me not having a consistent paycheck. I am happy to say that I am on my way though, even though it’s taken me alot longer than I would have ever imagined. But better late than never right?…

The thing that made me miss being apart of the Honda community was the fact that I kinda upped and left the community by selling my car. The only reason I remain is because a large portion of my friends are heavily involved and for work purposes. I definitely still love the community and everyone understands why I sold my car. I mean, I have personal goals and dreams. The people around me are important but I definitely do want to accomplish what I set out for myself. If it was easier for me to find an Acura RL/Legend that was in mint condition with low miles, trust that I would have definitely jumped on it. It just wasn’t plausible. My friend offered me a deal on a car I couldn’t refuse and I took it because I saw it as a golden opportunity to work towards my dream. Believe me when I say I still find myself looking for an RL sometimes when I’m online. When I see one on the street I even take a second look at it because I can see myself doing alot of great things to that platform. I don’t give a shit about it not being a “high-end luxury” car. I trust my own ability enough that the final product won’t leave many people in doubt about “VIP”…Hell if you got an RL with a straight body and under 100k, hit me up, we can talk…

Anyways, I should probably talk about the pic at the top. I’ve seen a couple of TL’s that have been fixed up but the TL pictured above is the first “VIP-styled” TL of that generation. Looks crazy on that air  set-up and wheel fitment. I love it. I wish I had a TL like that. My parents do but the hood has a dent on it because my dad decided to argue with some guy on a bicycle one day at a stoplight and that fool straight punched the hood. True story.

The TL is on Air Runner suspension and Work LS wheels. I gotta give some love to Hawaii. Those guys go all out when they build cars. Shits crazy. Makes you wonder how they get all that cool stuff and have the ability to afford all of it. I don’t know shit about living on an island though because I am probably the only asian in the world that cannot swim. So you’ll understand that I generally stay away from water that goes over my waist. Living on an island would be counter productive for me. This TL is sick, props on being one of the first to attempt to build one of these things. They’re really nice cars and a blast to drive. If you’re the owner, sorry but I edited your photos to be more presentable. You’re doing a good job so far building the TL but your photography is horrible…haha…The first pic was so off center that it made me wonder if you actually fell while taking the picture…

On the topic of Hawaii, this VIP-style Accord is also from the 808. I’ve seen a couple of these done in a similar fashion but this one is definitely one of the cleanest…

The grille looks to be a Honda Saber grille and the fogs custom fit, because the fitment isn’t 100%. Front lip is probably a Wings West piece. Altogether with paint you wouldn’t be able to tell it apart. It would probably make you think that everything was one piece. The black-housed headlights add a nice touch also…

Almost there, just need a couple more things. Wheel fitment can be a little more aggressive but thats not absolutely paramount…Needs some chrome door handles and pillar accents. Trunk also needs a couple kilos of nose candy and a beat-up hooker and we’re set….Again props to the 808 state. You guys always come with the creativity…

Man I miss working on cars….Need to get back on the grind so I can get back into it.


6 thoughts

  1. thanks man that is my car… much props for you for repping me… its such an honor. i got more mods on it but didnt have time to post most of them but thanks alot man hope ur next build is sick!

  2. heres some recent pics but cars kinda dirty. thought it was going to rain but it didnt


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