Eibach this Sunday…

What’s goin on this weekend? Well, judging by the beautifully done flyer by your’s truly, the guys over at Eibach Springs in Corona, CA are throwing a meet. No, this is not the annual Eibach Honda meet. This one is just a gathering at the beginning of the year to get the ball rolling, so to speak.

Yup, it’s time for an Eibach Meet. And this is for everybody! Honda, VW, Subaru, Mitsu, etc etc.Date: Sunday January 25th
Place: Eibach Springs in Corona
Time: 12-4pm

Now I know alot of you guys have trouble looking up the address on Mapquest or Yahoo! maps or whatever because it just doesn’t show up. It’s quite simple actually, it’s near the 15/91 interchange. Just take the 91 east freeway and exit McKinley and make a right. After the right, you’ll see a Carl’s Jr. and what not and then you make a right on Sampson at the intersection. Then take Sampson all the way until you see Mariah Circle. Go up the hill and by then you’ll probably begin to see alot of other cars and the Eibach facility is at the end of the street.

I’m sure everyone knows the rules, no asshole burnouts, driving like a jackass, or racing your friends to look cool. Trust me, girls don’t care about that shit anymore. They like hyphy shirts, tight ass jeans, and emo haircuts. Better to just throw a bunch of purple shirts and hoodies on then drive like a fuckface and get yourself in trouble. Corona PD has been great in the past and has let events at Eibach go on without a hitch. The only time they pull people over is when they see people driving like idiots. You can read all the stories on the net about getting popped or what not, but the people that usually do actually deserve it. I will warn you to be careful with your property though. I mean, everyone should just lock up and be careful anyway.

This meet is open to ALL makes and models so don’t be discouraged to come if you don’t drive a Honda. Oh and seeing how it’s raining outside right now, the event is scheduled to go on, rain or shine. But in the event of a severe thunderstorm, or a fucking tornado or something, check the thread the day of the event. Please pass the word along to all your friends and internet forum buddies and tell them to come hang out. Let’s bring in the new year on a high note by having fun at a great meet. Please respect the rules and all will be well…

Original Eibach Meet thread.

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  1. since my life goal is to get a picture of my car on Stickydiljoe.com, I shall be there.

  2. If you want, you have my full permission to use my photos on your blog. I usually cover all of the events that I attend. I will do the same for the meet this Sunday as long as it’s not raining. (Don’t want to expose my equipment to water)

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