Random Stuff today….The Chronicles going international?…

So I logged onto the NWP4Life forums today to check out the recent scammer drama that’s been goin on over there and I get a PM from Takeshi. If you’re not familiar with Takeshi aka “type_K” on the forums, he’s the guy over in Japan that runs Type_K Autosource.  Type_K is responsible for brining over USDM parts over to Japan, kind of like the overseas version of a shop like Password:JDM here in the U.S. Turns out that the USDM scene is pretty big over there. Guys over there crave our styling of cars as much as we do with their JDM stuff. Ironic because alot of our styling is reminiscent and certainly inspired by the japanese tuning culture. I guess in the end everyone is inspired by everyone else, no matter the region or border. Their scene is known more as “USDM Jam” and they import alot of stuff I would never expect them to like USDM OE Civic stuff, to Scion parts, even U-Haul trucks. No idea why they would want that stuff but I guess everyone wants to be different and that stuff is definitely stand-out. I bet the guys over in Japan wonder the same shit about Americans over here. That’s just how things work…

The two cars you see pictured in this post are actual USDM-themed builds that are on display at a show over in Japan. Pretty cool to see them use our styling cues and in turn do a better job than we do at our own thing….haha. Oh anyway back to the message. So Takeshi hits me up and informs me that he has a couple customers over there that are interested in getting ahold of some Chronicles stickers. This of course is a shock to me. I’ve barely started to get the word out over here about the site and now I have people from overseas inquiring about my stuff. So I reply to him and let me know how many he needs and I would gladly help get those stickers in their hands.

Now I’ll be honest, the site has picked up alot lately. I’ve made it clear lately that I have been very surprised with the success of this site. I guess I must be doing something right if there are people that are willing to rock my shit on their cars. Man I was sending out some stickers the other day and was already surprised enough that I have people in New York and Virginia buying from me. Now I have people that follow “The Chronicles…” overseas. That’s pretty cool….

I do have to wonder about what the appeal of this site is over in Japan. Like does my candor actually translate over to them or is it because they like how I cover events and what not. Maybe they just like to see everything and not just cars at events. I really don’t know. It could be that they’re starting to see the logo on some Socal guys’ cars and want the sticker to further replicate the style….Takeshi did mention how much he loved the Phaze2xDoods/Hot Stuff International Hondas. In any event, it’s an honor to have people from outside the United States wanting to rep my hardwork. Makes all the late nights staying up typing up this stuff all the more worthwhile. And no, I didn’t forget about you guys in Canada. Even though the majority of your population hates me and doesn’t understand me, guys like Ryan and Danville always take the time to let me know that I’ve got something good here…

Thanks to everyone that’s helping me get the word out. I have unbelieveable friends that are doing a great job pushing this. I can’t even name all of them because they all have pretty much the same names and listing last names would just make this paragraph incredibly long. I’m hoping to revolutionize online toilet reading material…haha. Soon everyone all over the world will be mounting computer monitors in their bathrooms so that they can read “The Chronicles…” (Hovering sarcasm right over this sentence…)

Oh shit, I almost forgot….registration for the annual Eibach meet is now open. Register and get prime spots while you can. With the amount of people that went to the smaller year-opening Eibach gathering in January and the ridiculously huge turn-out at Wek’fest a couple weeks back, I can’t even begin to imagine how huge this year’s Eibach meet will be. It’s definitely going to be a sight to see…

Eibach sign up is here.

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  1. Someone at school today (PCC) asked me what stickydiljoe.com was. I told them it was a porn site! 😀

  2. Hey Joey, how do I buy the stickers from you? Nice blog.

  3. Damn all the way overseas. Glad to hear things are coming along bro. So when’s Doods gonna have dinner together again?

  4. doing it big for 09!

    @willie_hwl look at the top of the page look for “support the chronicles”

  5. I can’t even explain what’s great about this site. It’s just a good read, and it’s a twist from the regular blogs/sites that cover shows and what not.

    I got my stickers in the mail and the mailman FUCKED them up. I’m still going to put them on though….my car’s not internet worthy but I’m thinking of a creative way to mount the sticker…

  6. BTW I’m actually in LA right now for the week.
    It’s cool, but the roads SUCK!!

    I was so happy, out of no where I saw the DUFFM4N 240….and I don’t see how he can stand driving on LA streets.

    No offense to LA/Socal, I’m liking it here!

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