The update is coming….

For those of you in the morning looking for an update….don’t be disappointed, it’s coming. I hit a snag along the way but it’s coming later today. That snag might have been Street Fighter 4 and the cheesyness of the final boss, but it could also be computer-related….in any case, I invite you to come back and refresh this page as much as you want until you see the update. Either that or I could meet you half way and you can hit the refresh button until it updates. Or maybe you could just come back later.
When you come back, if you could bring me a sandwich that would be great. Thanks. You know what would make that show Parental Control on MTV better? If they fucked. Like if they fucked in front of the parents and significant other and then the whole time they can say their cheesy rehearsed jokes to eachother. Here I’ve illustrated my point in a pie chart…

How’s my sandwich coming along?

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  1. When I saw the tag cheeseburger me and my coworker had just finished talking about innout for lunch! Excellent pie chart.

  2. UPDATED YET?????

  3. Evidently not Mikey….He’s a busy man with all the SF4, L4D, and pron to keep up with. HAHA!

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