An indepth look at horrible ideas…Part 2…uh…widebody?

Let me begin by saying that I am a big fan of aftermarket aero parts. I always have been even since the early 2000’s when LJ’s car and other widebody cars were around. Nowadays of course, things are different. We’ve shifted over to more subtle “JDM” OE-styling. Clean bodylines are the way to go now and even as such, there are still cars out there today with modified body panels/fenders, etc. With the influence still heavy from Japan, we’re not limited only to OEM JDM parts but also JDM aftermarket pieces, including widebody kits. The above NSX is what I would consider to be perfect in terms of widebody panels. The lines are similar, everything flows correctly and it looks as if it could have came from the factory looking exactly like that. We’ve all been apart of this community long enough to realize  that you have to follow the lines. Even as kids we’re taught to follow the line, whether it be in the cafeteria line or when we’re coloring something with crayons. What I’m about to show you however….well…is not good. It’s almost as if the owner was coloring within the lines and then all of a sudden he went off the page, started coloring on some other kids page and then spin-kicked another child in the back. Like he was standing in the cafeteria line, jumped over the counter, shat on the food and then fed it to the cafeteria lady. Like I said, it’s bad. Sometimes, extreme body mods are okay. On this occassion, the owner took his BB6 Prelude and Joan Rivers’d the shit out of it….

Uhh….What just happened? The first thing that comes to mind when I look at this car is that I am thoroughly confused. I want to ask why the lower section of the front bumper is not there but then I’m distracted and come up with questions for the rest of the car. The lower section of the front doesn’t look like its been broken off or anything and the way the body work is, it looks like it was indeed intentional…

From a side view, I can’t help but wonder if a JGTC-inspired design was intended…

Like this…

…but the end of result of the front fenders resemble the top of a ventilation shaft on a high-rise building in downtown Los Angeles. I’m curious as to who did the bodywork on this Prelude and what materials were used. The rear I’m not sure what happened. It’s so square and sharp that I’m worried that if the passenger got out too fast, they would catch the corner of the quarter panel and break their arm. Do the doors even open all the way?..

Like I said earlier, I have no idea why the lower portion is missing. What I will say though, is that there was definitely a significant amount of money spent on this build. I can’t even begin to imagine how much the bodywork was alone. I am curious though as to how the design concept was developed. Did the owner come up with it? Or did he just take it to the bodyshop and tell the guys over there to “widebody” it….

Crooked exhaust aside, this thing would actually be pretty cool if you took it to a skate park and did tricks on it. You can see the front as a ramp and you can do some grinds on the rear section…I’ve also carefully illustrated this point…


Some cars out there get away with looking horrible outside because they have some balls under the hood. The same could be said for this particular Prelude if it weren’t such a total utter wiring nightmare! Shit….What the hell is going on in here. Fire hazard much? Man so much flammable fiberglass and bondo on the outside, I’d be nervous to even drive this thing around….

At the end of the day, I really don’t like to single anyone out. I was actually looking for pics of Mark from Techna’s old Prelude because I wanted to do a nostalgic thread about it but then I accidently stumbled upon this gem. I had to, I really did. The bodywork is so ridiculous that it’s almost laughable. No offense of course. There looks to be a grip of money invested. From the bodywork alone to the turbo kit to the wheels and what not. It even has a Greddy E-Mange unit inside so it must run okay. It would have been nice if it was just a bit more subtle of a widebody and not so goofy. You can’t even make shit up like this really. It’s just one of those once in a lifetime opportunities. It’s like a unicorn, but someone shot it, and then molded an elephant carcass to it. When I found the pics I also saw that it was for sale for about $15k out in Oklahoma somewhere. If anyone currently owns the car, let me know what happened to it…hell maybe someone saw it on the road and got some pics of it…Definitely an interesting build.

I leave you with this…

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  1. About Damn time you got this update. Of course I’m reading it since I’m still at work.

  2. Oh man the skater is hilarious. I’m glad I have my own office otherwise people would be wondering WTF I’m laughing so hard at.

  3. I bet the person that drives this car gets a lot of attention and loves it for all the wrong reasons.

  4. oklahoma car with california plates?

  5. haha just found the original thread… at least the interior is clean.

  6. Link to orginal thread please!!

    Nice animation though haha….

  7. hahaha nice read and choice of words “It’s like a unicorn, but someone shot it, and then molded an elephant carcass to it.”

  8. just clicked that above link… gauge cluster makes me think of darts and dart boards =s

    automatic =s

  9. “Only about 90k on the car and motor and the turbo kit looks brand new”<– too bad whoever installed the kit decided to move every single imaginable wire in the bay =|

    I have nothing against Preludes, but it annoys me seeing people owning them with 20 inch chromes and a black widow kit all of a sudden their car is hot shit and crazy fast.

    Said car was riding my ass one time on the freeway, and when the road turned to 2 lanes he tried to pass me on the right, I just dropped to 4th and took off :|…humiliating the guy in front of his girl passenger..twice

  10. Thats sean malto skating that I swear it is. haha

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