A Nostalgic Moment…Vik Deol’s Acura Integra…

Does anyone actually remember this car? I actually met Vik I think around the middle of 2002 or so. Back then, all these wild conversions were the hit of most shows and onlineshowoff.com was the equivalent of Myspace today. It was basically the social network for everyone that was heavily in the scene. I met Vik through a mutual friend that I was doing shows with at the time and I always would say what’s up and chat with Vik a bit during show set-up. I really don’t know what happened to the guy nowadays but I remember his family was loaded and he always had his girl following him around. There’s some interesting stories about what happened to her but I’ll save those for another time…haha…

This integra was built completely themed after Craig Lieberman’s R34 Skyline. For reference, here is the R34…

I don’t really know why he modeled his build after Craig’s car and I really never did ask. At the time all this wild conversion shit was still going on and we kinda just accepted it. Vik was a pretty cool guy to talk to and he would always show us something new that he did. The front and rear skyline conversions were done flawlessly and though it obviously doesn’t look like it belongs there, the quality of work spoke for itself….

This was back in the early 2000s and even though people were doing flares, no one actually had the right wheels to fit it correctly. It didn’t matter to anyone at the time because it was one of the most popular cars of that time. It always won an award at any show that I attended and though the guy was loaded, he had alot of sponsors backing him too…

Of course it was turbocharged and had all the ridiculous snap on chrome dress-up pieces. I can’t say that I actually ever saw the car go real fast but it was a show car. It was rare enough to see these things even drive down the street…

I don’t have a pic of it but Vik was one of the first guys to do like full Bride gradation headliner. Back then it was pretty impressive and everyone would go crazy over it. Looking back now at these pics now, I totally forgot that the dash was painted. Then again, there wasn’t a part of this car that was left untouched…

I wonder what happened to Vik and this Integra. I remember hearing rumors that something happened to him and the car was sold or something but I can’t confirm that. I’ve been doing car shows and stuff since then and the guy kinda just disappeared into obscurity. Hopefully nothing bad happened to him because he was a pretty cool guy to talk to…

I thought it’d be interesting to show you guys this car because it really was one of the impact players of the import show scene at the time. Compared to today’s standards, it would seem a little ridiculous and goofy but this was what a majority of people were doing at the time. It’s pretty funny to think back to the onlineshowoff.com days when everyone was all up on trying to join Vik’s imaginery team “Solo”. I actually think that Team Solo exists today while Vik is long gone. Solo was like an online crew that had members all over the country. I wonder if this Integra is still owned by someone and is being driven around somewhere…

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  1. man i so remember onlineshowoff met alot of cool people there haha…newayz he parted some of the car out and sold it and now has a g37 hes working on

  2. I was expecting another nissan/non-honda post when I first glanced at the front page haha. Definitely nice to see the impact players that preceded what we have today.

  3. I had SO any pictures of this car on my computer back in the day . . . i seem to remember that he had a snowboard produced with the car as the bottom graphic.

  4. This thing was the shit back then with quality work. At one point it was even slammed on air ride.

    Even back then I find this car way too “high” off the ground.

    Definitely quality work though, great post.

  5. According to TeamSolo.net he still owns the car and it has not changed one bit. Funny how seeing it on your sight is nostalgic. Seeing it on his sight still covered in the entire vibrant catalog is just kinda sad.

  6. LoL it hasn’t changed one bit??
    It’s odd seeing those Bride pieces, Mugen steering wheel but added with all the rice like that gauge cluster and COMPLETELY shaved dash haha… How the hell do you drive with the windows up without any of the ventilation vents left…

  7. I can admit I remember this car, and thought skyline tailights were the shit. I remember wanting to put s2000 tailights on my honda civic.

    Shame on me.

    So glad I never did.

  8. i never liked this car. i admired the work that went into it, but never liked the car one bit. then again i had a 63vw and some orange crx are pasadena use to get my attention

  9. Yo,

    I heard he is still around from a couple of dudes in his car club, I hear he is dating some hot ass lawyer from out of state, not sure about this car, if he has it or not, i dont think he is on the scene as much, but the car is still sick looking

  10. Yo,

    I think this car was dope, I heard from the grapevine that he is around just not into the car scene anymore, on a personal note, I heard he has a pretty smoking lawyer he is serious with…nonetheless this car was def one of a kind at the time


  11. I think i saw this car in a porn video. lol

  12. Whats up guys? Yes this is me the Ex owner of this car. To start thank you for bringing this back. Was on google to show an employee of mine the car and found this. The car was not themed after Craig’s skyline. We actually had our cars in the paint booth at the same time and I had no clue that a show scene existed. My friends one day were like you need to hook your car up phat and so we started looking around. I saw an rc R-34 and went to town. The paint is very close to Craig’s and was from the house of kolor line up, but had some variations. Again, the only thing that I did similiar to his car was the stripe. He was and is still a friend of mine and we talk about old things.

    It is funny that everyone thinks your loaded because you can carry yourself with class. Every dollar put into that car was my own. It was a waste but my own. It had a CF headliner not a Bride, had no airbags ever. The wheels couldn’t be wider in the rear because they were not cut out. Since i had a rear widebody with flares, to cut the inner fenders out the rear would of meant a lot of work which = not worth it.

    I sold the car and left for a while. Got a G37 did some stuff to it, HRE’s, 12 pot rotoras etc and sold all that stuff and went back to stock. I am getting married to a hot lawyer and own my own company.

    I am happy to see that the car left a mark and was liked and disliked. I am not sure who wrote this but your facts are slightly messed up, but its been 7 years.

    Hope you have a great day.


  13. This car so beautiful no matter what I wish this style would come back. It’ truly is a beautiful car, brings back so many memories of me watching fast and the furious and play NEED FOR SPEED UNDERGROUND 1 & 2 #goodoledays

  14. I remember seeing this in Import Tuner or maybe super street magazine

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