An indepth look at horrible ideas…part 3…”new/old driver badges”…

I’ll be perfectly honest, I did alot of shit to my cars back then that by today’s standards would be considered ricey. We all gotta start somewhere….Luckily today, kids officially have a badge to notify everyone how incredibly “JDM” they are not being. Can we stop mounting these every fucking place on your car possible? I’ll admit, the first time I saw it, I thought it was kinda cool…until it spread like the plague. I can’t go to any kind of car meet or show without at least 45 people either mounting one on their window or sporting the magnetic ones on their fenders. These are usually accompanied by either a set of Drag or Rota wheels, and a tow hook that has some sort of stuffed animal hanging from it….

You know how you say that you just bought your wakaba badge as a joke? No the fuck you didn’t. Quit lying. It’s like when you do something stupid unintentionally and you go “Oh I’m just messin around…” and you feel like an asshole inside. I also hear alot of the “Oh I don’t care if it’s JDM or not, I just like the way it looks”. Uhh…what exactly is so cool looking about it? It’s a fucking green and yellow leaf. You know what looks cool? A titty. A hamburger perhaps. Some chicks buttholes. In my hierarchy of what looks good, a plastic leaf is not really high on my list. The worst part about it is that most people nowadays just rock them because everyone else has one or they think that it makes them “JDM”.

This is “JDM”…

…this is “JDM”…

…this…okay, no this asian woman is actually Michael Jackson…so this is not “JDM”…

This also, is NOT “JDM”….

What’s even worse is that these things have caught on so much that they even have their own knock-off versions. You got people making like vinyl sticker versions and even versions that are different color or like have the flag of the Phillipines on there or something. This shit is just getting way outta control…

Oh you’re welcome by the way if you opened this page at work to find an image of what looks to be penises, one short and limp. I’m merely trying to convey to you the embarassment that I feel everytime I spot one of these badges in someone’s car….

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  1. youre fired up this morning joey lol

  2. Oh man so hilarious. I’m gonna slap one on the Q when you’re not looking. LOL!

  3. LoL I laughed so hard seeing the picture of the guy posing next to the badge!!

    This shit is everywhere, I know someone that has these on their Camaro…

  4. these rants are the best.

  5. lolz you should see the “jdm” car clubs down here in mexico…some have nice cars, that they bought in the u.s and brought over. a team is even called “jdm”…just that. nothing else. to top it off they use the same exact logo from password jdm and they all rock that leaf thingy.

  6. Cars they “bought” in the US? Perhaps from the chop shops? LOL!

  7. What if you’re really old like me?

  8. i never bought or touch any of this crap in my lifeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  9. i remember posting this badge on my fender like 5 years ago then it flew off in the freeway haha end of story

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