Dodgers Stadium says no to hip-hop…

In case you haven’t already heard, the Hot Import Nights tour will be moving to Anaheim Stadium on March 14th instead of it’s previous spot at Dodgers Stadium. No one really knows the reason why this occurred. Okay well everyone knows, but if you don’t find HIN to be all that appealing, the reason for this is due to Dodgers Stadium all of a sudden having issues with HIN playing hip-hop music. I’ve never actually been to a Dodger game, but I’m willing to put money on the fact that they probably play hip-hop at their games. I’m sure they play just a little bit though. By “a little bit” I mean before, during, and after the game. I’m also gonna put money on the fact that people also play hip-hop music outside in the parking-lot, where the HIN event was gonna be held. With all this hip-hop, one would obviously expect the stadium to burn down or spontaneously combust, but by the grace of God, it hasn’t. Maybe hip-hop isn’t so bad after all….

I can only imagine one reason behind this. The same reason why there aren’t any events held at the Pomona Fairplex anymore, who also has a similar ban in place. They don’t want their location to seem “ghetto”. Hey, I didn’t make the rules. But after that whole Funkmaster Flex car show debauchery, maybe Dodgers Stadium decided to follow suit. I mean, when they originally okayed the whole event to take place at their lot, did they not expect there to be hip-hop music and late show hours? It’s called “Hot Import Nights”. Not exactly “Normal Pop Music Daytime”….

It’s strange to say the least but I didn’t know Dodgers Stadium had such high standards and such a great reputation to uphold. Whenever the Padres/Dodgers play eachother, fistacuffs usually ensue in the game or in the stands. I mean, it’s not the most polite of events. An interesting scenerio that the voices in my head came up with was that maybe the guy in charge of Dodgers Stadium is a true hip-hop enthusiast and once he discovered that “Ya Boy” was performing, he dropped the ban hammer on him and didn’t want to hear him talk about how good girls look after he’s had a couple drinks. In any event, HIN decided to move the event to Angel Stadium of Anaheim, where apparently, they do allow hip-hop…

I will most likely be attending this event just to check it out and cover what Hondas are there of course. With my terrible camera skills and my lack of knowledge of how to use flash, I’ve decided to use my time traveling powers and go to the future. Here are a couple preview shots of my HIN coverage from March 14th, 2009….

Of course, there was a bikini contest/fashion show. Whatever they want to call it to get girls on stage in minimal clothing…You can see here how “club-like” the atmosphere is. Everything was dark as shit and all the chicks were assumed to be hot…

You can’t see it but this is a Honda that I saw there. K-swap, cotton wheel well, best of show status in my opinion….

Of course I then discovered how to use the flash, simply by changing the flash settings to “on”. I know you guys love titties and ass so I got some T&A shots for you guys. T&A brings the hits to this site and it helps me sell stickers. That and the 5-10 minutes a day you guys spend reading my nonsense, you might as well use the time for fapping purposes….

This was the hottest go-go dancer by far at the show. Christine Mendoza, Justene Jaro,….they got nothin’ on her. I didn’t catch her name cuz she was too busy being hot but I managed to get close enough to get this shot…Look at those Ultimate Warrior inspired tassles. That shit is so hot right now….

Of course I got the perverbial nipple slip shot that all you guys out there are always searching for. You don’t have to click through 20 plus pages in an attempt to find a nip-slip. The Chronicles always comes through and brings you the slips….Loi from Sportcar Motion would love this. Right-click save, screen saver preview, fap fap…

Oh and you know no event coverage is complete with the “I’m-accidently-picking-something-up-so-you-can-take-a-picture-of-my-ass” photo. I know she looks shocked in the picture but she’s just pretending, she loves the attention.

Well I hope you enjoyed the pics…There were plenty more but they all came out too dark….

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  1. I think you should take tom…

  2. They most likely moved it to Angel Stadium because provocative music lyrics + 11PM + Echo Park don’t really mix well.

  3. LOL! Oh man I started tearing from the laughter of your show pics. Especially the one’s flexing your MS Paint skills. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  4. nice you saved me gas money and entance fees and great pics

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