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Sorry guys, I’ve been busy writing for stuff that I actually get paid for so I gotta keep it a bit short today. Lately I’ve kinda had the itch to build a Honda again. Don’t get me wrong, I really have no regrets or any sense of “unfinished business”, but seeing everyone’s builds lately have kind of put that motivation in my head. The only problem is that there is just absolutely zero practicality in owning a Honda in Socal. I hate having that feeling of wondering whether or not my car is gonna be there when I wake up. You know things are fucked when a fixed up luxury car can sit outside all day and be fine and a Honda won’t last more than 20 minutes out in the open. I remember I had my old Accord up here in L.A. for like a week back before I moved up here. The only reason I had it up here was so Son of Hasback fame could shoot it. It didn’t even leave my complex. The one day I take it out I get rolled by a cop. That’s one thing I don’t miss about being a Honda owner. You either get jacked or get rolled by the police. You basically got everything stacked against you. That’s the only reason why I didn’t daily the car, not because it was a garage queen or anything like that. I used to love driving my car, there are just so many factors preventing me from enjoying it. It got so bad to the point where my dad used to come home at work every night at around 3-4am and he could see some fuck parked a couple houses away waiting for the day that I leave my car outside of my garage overnight for him to take…

Even with all the bullshit, I do miss wrenching though. I don’t really do much of that anymore, mainly because I don’t have the funds to do so. The other reason is because I own a car that doesn’t require much work. I would love to tear apart my Q45 piece by piece and put it back together but there’s nothing to do to it that would require that. I’m always around Hondas too and that also makes me want to get back into it. The majority of the people I associate with are still heavily into Hondas and they tell me all the time to go back. I got so many ideas in my head as to what I would do if I had a Honda again. The whole hobby has just evolved so dramatically and it would be fun to apply these new things. I don’t know, the VIP scene is a welcome challenge though. It’s just hard to do anything VIP related without any real funds to do so. It almost seems strange to be building a VIP project during these terrible economic times. I guess I got alot of thinking to do. On one hand, I’ve always been one to see things through to the end so I really want to finish building this Q45. But on the other hand, I’ve kinda had an itch to go back to Hondas and I got so many people telling me to come back. It’s just something I’m gonna have to sleep on. Which reminds me, I need to get some sleep, I was up so late these past two days that I honestly didn’t even realize that whole daylight savings time shit happened. You know what would have made this whole post cooler? If I had the Doogie Howser M.D. theme playing in the back as I typed this…ah…dum dum dum dum, dee dee dum dum dum, dum dum dum dum dum dum dum…

Now you know why I don’t write music…

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  1. I know exactly how you feel man. After I totaled my black S2000, I made the mistake of purchasing a 2006 RX-8 GT. I still stuck around on the Honda boards (HT, s2ki, NWP) and just seeing all the pictures being posted made me lose interest quickly in the RX-8 (I also didn’t have the funds to mod the RX-8).

    I ended up losing about $4k after just 4 months of owning the car, but picked up another S2000 and couldn’t be happier.

    Another thing we have in common is that our previous cars get passed around and torn up like a slut. I just found out that my previous Integra GS-R which I sold in Feb. 2008 is up for sale again. The guy who bought it from me sold it after like a month of ownership. I saw it recently since the car’s still relatively local and I know where the current owner works and it looks like it’s completely uncared for; filthy, missing a lip, scratches all over. Take a look at the craigslist ad and guess which pictures he stole from me and which are his. It’s quite obviously haha. All the mods were done by me so you can probably guess that it doesn’t feel too great seeing your old baby posted up like that.


    You should sell the Q and get an ’09 Fit. Do it up VIP style. Perfect daily drive imo…

  2. favorite Accord evaR.

    im really thinking about going back to the honda seen, well, i actually cant wait until i can.
    i have all these great parts just chillin around my room and in my closet…and im itching to put them on something.

    plus the whole theft/cop thing isnt really that big down here. theft isnt even a big issue at all and the cops dont give a fuck.

    edm SiR here i come haha.

  3. Hey Joe..big fan of ur blog… wut size r ur Works? A

  4. That Accord too !? You need to build another car, I like all your old ones. I think I said that the only Work Meisters I liked were those polished ones on your car.

    However, I think it was in Honda-Tuning a couple months back, how the game has a way of finding you again, so who knows, maybe you’ll come across something that you can’t pass up and slowly start another build.

  5. Idk if you were talking to me about them being the same cars. I know the Accords were all the same. But like the Q and such. I don’t know any of your other cars, but I’m sure they were clean too

  6. Get back into a Honda ASAP.

    I just put my ITR up for sale too….getting something a little lighter and smaller 🙂

  7. I say build another honda. I would do it if my job wouldn’t keep changing my schedule.

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