A Nostalgic Moment…The Supra Taillight Conversion…

Ah yes…many of you who were involved in all this since the late 90s and early 2000s will remember this “unique” modification. Yes, many taillight and headlight conversions were prevelant back then but this one by far was the most popular of that era…Nothing says “I’ve got a Supra”, like some Supra lights on your Honda….haha. People did a lot of crazy, frightening things to cars back then. I almost catagorized this as one of my “indepth look at horrible ideas” posts but I have to be honest….I actually thought this was pretty cool when I was alot younger….

This baby blue CRX definitely isn’t the car I’m gonna tell you about but back in about 1999 when I was still in high school, I remember the first CRX that I saw with a Supra taillight conversion. It was a white CRX from 935draggers. I don’t really remember the owners name but it was one of the first CRXs to catch my eye because it was pretty wild and it was always all over the streets. It had a body kit that wasn’t too common for that time either and was supposedly really rare. I think the guy said it was from Australia or some shit. Anyways, it was a pretty nice CRX from what I remember. I wish I had a pic of it still….actually wait…let me check…

…Hmm, well ain’t that something, I actually do have a pic of it. This is the exact CRX from 935 that I was referring to. Check the date on that photo, pic is taken from 1999! Haha. Man my skills were bad even back then, I can’t even center the fucking car in the picture….Man I’m sure you’ve heard me say it before, but back then, no matter what kind of stupid shit people did to their cars, the wheels were always proper. Look at the Racing Hart Type-C’s on that CRX….ah those were the days…

Even when I search for pics now, the most common car that had the Supra tails were CRXs. I guess people took the straight lines of it as an easier conversion. The above car may be ugly as fuck with that Black Widow 2 kit on it but the bodywork is pretty nice. The lights fit flush and the curve of the light even lines up with the angle of the widen quarter panel….

If you think this looks horrid, keep reading it gets worse. I found alot of these pics from an old site called Honda-Fan.com. I think it was the Canadian version of Importfan.com back when all they did was show tail/headlight conversions on different cars. Honda-Fan just happen to show only conversion on Hondas. I’m surprised the site still exists actually and the pics are still up because it hasn’t been updated in some time…

Here it is on a Civic coupe. Looks like he even molded in the Supra center brake light! Haha..wow. Damn even a fake Mugen spoiler and Feel’s panels…

I’m pretty sure this is the same Del Sol that’s from San Diego. It also had Supra headlights. I think it was from Syndicate or some shit but it used to always be at Gold Crest Autobody. I had both my cars painted there back then and everytime I would go over there this Del Sol would be sitting there. I bet you if you drive over there today, it’s probably still parked there. Why, I’ll leave it up to your imagination but the owner of Gold Crest told me the story once….

Now what I’m about to show you may make you lose your lunch, so if you have a weak stomach or heart, please don’t bother scrolling down. It may just totally shit all over your day….

Yes Supra taillight conversions were cool back in the early 2000s, but the trend eventually found it’s way to the midwest and east coast. As usual, they took the idea…and really ran with it. I’m not gonna argue about west/midwest/east bullshit because it’s stupid. But don’t sit there and tell me that there still aren’t a shitload of j-body Cavaliers rolling around with Shogun kits and whale tail spoilers out there….With that said, I must warn you again of how graphic the pictures are below….



No it isn’t a reflection, there really are 4, count em’, 4 Supra taillights on this DC. Why? I don’t know but it looks disgusting. Reminds me of like a close-up of a fly’s eyes. I bet you that not all of them work either…

If you think that’s bad, you gotta see this…

HAHA! What the fuck is going on here? All that bodywork and the owner apparently lost the motivation to put the taillights where well, where taillights go. I know you wanna see the front, so here it goes…

It’s like Mad Max ran out of gas and was forced to suck the dicks of his enemies, and then they chopped him up ala Robocop 2 style (Yeah you remember) and then frankenstein’d his ass back together with the bodyparts of others. Is that bad enough? Okay let me try again…

It’s like if Mad Max ran out of gas and was forced into the chambers of his enemies where they took turns raping him until they discovered a way to inseminate his ass with mutated semen and impregnated him, then Mel Gibson, who of course plays Mad Max, decides to make a gem of a movie called “What Women Want” and made us watch Helen Hunt for 118 minutes before he took the Delorean back to 2003 and gave birth, out of his ass of course, to this monstrosity. Yes it is that bad.

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  1. after this, it makes me want to never come back.

  2. I still see a yellow integra around pasadena with a supra conversion. Another reason why I didn’t like import cars when I was hs.

  3. Damn this brings back memories. As soon as I read the title I pictured the DC with 4 of them on it and what do you know, you post the pic of it. LOL!
    The day I have Supra tail lights is the day I have the car they actually belong to. Damn having 2 points on my license. Makes for insuring a Supra absurd at any age.

  4. i remember this trend also made it to the s-10’s and all those other smaller trucks. i still cant believe that E class crx, it will haunt me.

  5. BWA HAHAHAHAHAHHA look at that bimdabenz

    d series too

  6. LoL this shit spread like wild fire, almost on par with APC bullshit….only this costs a lot more to get done on a car haha..

    I remember when an oldfriend of mine had these done on his CRX…and everyone was tripping and he won a lot of awards. I was like 13 and didn’t know how to keep my mouth shut and I said they look stupid to him LOL

  7. Those last 4 pictures made me throw up in my mouth a little. Eww.

  8. O wow i cant believe Alexis a movie hasnt psted in here yet!!!

  9. omg. this makes me almost ashamed to own a crx. i am so thankful i was too young to remember this conversion fad. and that last crx has SO many things wrong with it it makes me crazy.

  10. you’re an asshole mikey haha. You should put these taillights on your DC along with some IS300 headlights. Bring all the old trends back!

    • He already thought about it and like all the other trendy shit he’s done to his DC, everyone already did that shit like 5 years ago…Lowoffset and gold bays, some guy in some small town in the east coast already thought of that like 14 years ago. They just didn’t have a camera to document it…

  11. wtf were you doing up at 4:27? :<

  12. I believe the white crx had the cyber body kit from australia, they made some pretty gross body kits for preludes too. I remember that shit back in the day!

  13. oh man this mad me feel old. It really starts to show my age when I remember this stuff being done and my friends had some of this shit done to their cars. Im glad the only thing I ever did was a big wing, clear taillights, and a hood mural on my 94 honda accord back in 1997 or so.

  14. Don’t worry. Old is when the turbo FC or turbo 300ax was the car to have at the street races. That and the anticipation of a new Supra coming out at the time. The 1993 MKIV. Yeah that makes you, and by you I mean me, old.

  15. the 935 CRX was owned by Gerald Geluz. it was in the Spring 99 issue of IMPORT TUNER…

    awesome issue, awesome CRX, and as always, an awesome entry by you Sir.

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