More Top Fuel nostalgia…Top Fuel EK on video…

Been a slow week so far. Nothing really going on other than the same old stuff…The post about the Top Fuel Civic from a 1999 issue of Turbo magazine sparked so much interest that I thought I’d keep you guys company with some videos today. No this isn’t the same EK that graced the issue because it’s basically impossible to find anything on it anymore. The only thing that really comes up is Hugh Le’s old EK and that was repainted yellow and went through many other phases. Despite it not being the same car, it gives you an idea of what Top Fuel was doing at that time. Just to hear this thing run is music to the ears….One video is from Max Power UK (sans tits), the other two look to either be from an Option or Revspeed or Hot Version video…Anyway, enough with the talking…

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  1. I remember seeing a car like this at a meet a month or two ago. Very much a like without the RGs I think. A lot similar style and with Type RR on it. I laughed and thought it was a joke. Little did I know the car it was modeled after was so big back in the day. Shows how much I wasn’t around in the old days

  2. I have a DVD of this thing (forgot if it was Hot Version or Option) duking it out with the Mine’s Evo 5, Zero Sport’s STi, and the Knight Sports FD….

    This EK was swapping spots back and forth with the FD, it was an amazing race, I remember watching it probably 100 times over.

    Let me see if I can find it to upload it.

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