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I normally wouldn’t give something like this so much attention, but I was pretty busy throughout the day and when I heard about this, I was kind of annoyed. Well that and I don’t really have anything else to talk about today… There are a couple things you can do on the internet that are cool…umm look for good prices, fap, ruin your mind by accidently discovering some new type of porn that you’ve never heard of before, stalk people, fap, and of course, read The Chronicles.. You know what’s not cool? And well, borderline stupid? Calling someone out on the internet. Not only does it not solve anything, it just irritates people and people quickly discover how big of an asshole you are. I bring this up today because I was eating lunch with Heymikeyyyy (name drop….although he really isn’t that important) at The Hat in Pasadena when HBK Gabe (double name drop…if you’re the old lady that he stole the parking-spot from at the JTuned meet and you’re reading this, hit me up and I’ll tell you where to find him.) texts Mikey to inform him of a thread on Honda-Tech. Usually when something pops up on Honda-Tech, it’s 9 out of 10 times some sort of shit-talk. Turns out that some cat in Florida created a thread to specifically call-out Arnel from Phaze2 and his Civic…In a thread titled “Phaze 2 who?!” , some guy posts “My friend had to do something crazy to set the NEW standard” accompanied by a picture of what looks to be a red hatchback with a jagged-ass fender and a wheel with no tire. I don’t really understand what the new standard was that he was trying to set but I’m really not that excited about it after seeing the condition of the body. That and anyone can make a wheel fit with no tire. It’s a little stupid to be calling anyone out anywhere over something as elementary as wheel fitment. I guess the guy and his homie threw on a 16×9 +10 wheel on his car and thought that they discovered the land of Narnia or something. A 9 wide wheel isn’t all that exciting really. But if the original poster really thinks so then all I can really say is…. congratulations, you’re the Christopher Columbus of Honda wheel fitment.

.That’s really all I gotta say about that. Here’s the link to the thread. In typical Honda fashion, by the time you get a chance to read it, it will be filled with a bunch of senseless arguing where someone reads something the wrong way and goes apeshits over it. Oh and of course it’s gonna turn into a war of words between the east/west coast. Either that or whatever state the original thread creater is from will jump in and defend the holy fuck out of him. I’ll let you judge for yourself. Keep in mind it’s not about who did what first but who pulled it off better and executed it properly….

On a lighter note, as you all know, I regularly keep up with the search terms that people use to discover this site. Anyone that’s followed this site closely will notice that I usually post up the funny or strange ones. Well this one I got for you from yesterday has to take the cake….

Hmm…what the fuck is going on in the mind of whoever typed that in. Pretty sure it’s not for any kind of research paper. This has me a little worried….good news is that whoever it was actually did click on the link and looked at the site haha….If you’re reading this, I sure hope you find what you’re looking for….

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  1. I think what’s more disturbing is the fact they typed that as a search string and this site popped up. Is there something you’re not telling us? DOODS wants to know.

  2. Where would phase2 be without haters…
    Serious, what do you do at night?

  3. you know what’s even gayer than a shark biter?
    The word hater, that shit is super gay.
    It needs to die.

    I had my friend I bought my sr from come over to my house, look at my wheels, didn’t comment on how he thought that me making them completely candy apple red was dope, didn’t say they looked stupid.

    He simply said. “my wheels still have a bigger lip”

    I kindly blew him off and ignored the fact that he bought 15×10 wheels to go on an ae86 and wanted a pat on the back because they had a bigger lip than mine. haha

  4. Guys go on…thst were all the bullshit is talked about this eg and Phaeze2’s…the fact of the matter is Phaze’s is dope and the other one is just bitting the style. Im from Miami..where the guy is from and i think he is riding on axis or drag wheels.
    Phaze2 1, Other guy 0!

  5. Well this ” E-Thug ” just made Phaze2 a bit more famous. I wont lie though sometimes i like to read this threads were people call out someone else they just get really funny.

  6. LoL what a joke haha…

    This dude goes “My friend had to do something crazy to set the NEW standard.
    With a crazy call out, here it is.” in a thread named “Phaze 2 who??”…

    And then tries to redeem himself by saying

    “This thread was not made to really go at Arnel or any Phaze 2 members.
    It was just in the fun of the fitment “game”.
    Relax guys, props to all of Phaze 2 for doing what they do, and doing it… ”

    Way to make fools of his whole crew.

  7. I can honestly say that people have gone stark raving mad. lol. Now the question in my head is, “I wonder if he could have lived a full and happy life w/o calling arnel out?” Lmao.

  8. wow…it didn’t take long for California to be blamed for something

  9. IDK why anyone would search for that, but you typed it in the march 10 post LOL

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