At a snail’s pace…

Man, it’s been slow as hell this week. Nothing really going on at all. I finally got around to picking up some new wheels this week since I got rid of my Eurolines after the birthday fiasco. I seriously never look forward to jacking my car up in the air to do anything because it’s just an awful pain in the ass. That’s one of the reasons why I miss having a Honda. Usually like 3-4 pumps on the floorjack will get that shit up in the air and ready to work on. With this car I have to drive on like a wood board to elevate the front, not to mention that I can’t even get a low profile floorjack under it unless I jack the car up from the tow hook in the rear. Once I get a little bit of space then I can slide my scissor jack up front and wedge it under. That and I also push up against the sideskirt while in that process and it just makes me nervous. Did I mention I plan to make it lower soon? Man I can’t wait to get airbags on this car…just not looking forward to the ride quality afterwards. Anyway, the wheels look better than I thought they would. Me being away from working on cars so long has made me forget how big of a difference 10mm is in terms of offset on wheels. Now sitting at 0 offset in the rear, I get that nice poke that I’ve been wanting for the longest. I need an alignment badly though. The toe in the rear is just way off and I’m gonna eat up these tires like the last ones. It sucks not living in a place with an enclosed garage because I can’t really do the things I used to on my other cars…

Oh yeah, my car has been sitting so long that it barely even cranked over today. I basically parked it that night of my birthday and it had been sitting since…

Nothing really Honda related today….

On a brighter note, everyones favorite hate-fodder, the JDMEgo blog, is back! I don’t know why people hate on the guy so much, guess it comes with some reasonable success and a strong mind. He doesn’t always say things that everyone agrees with, something I can relate to, but he knows what he’s talking about. The guy knows his shit plain and simple. Back before he deleted his old blog I was getting alot of traffic from his side and he even hooked it up one time and made a post about this site. It’s only right that I return the favor so I invite you all to head over there to read his ramblings. I don’t have anything near interesting to talk about today so maybe you’ll find him more informative….


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  1. I know you try to keep this Honda related and not about your personal ride. And I can respect that, I check in due to my love of Hondas over any other brand. But at the same time I’d be interested in seeing the new wheels and how the cars sitting, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. So stop being so modest and throw some pics up there. Even if they are done in your own crappy photo style 🙂

  2. Yeah, what he said^^^ waiting……LOL

  3. LoL Joey, teasers SUCK! Post pics!!

    WOOT on JDMEgo being back!

  4. JDM ego is back!!awesome…glad i vizit here to know….thanks

    cant wait to see your ride lowered….

  5. what wheels did u get for ur Y33?

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