Alright, time for a random snap…

Here comes another totally un-Honda related post…Sorry guys, not much going on this week. I’ll return to your normally scheduled programming very soon…

So I finally got around to moving my car around. It’s been so totally neglected the last couple months that I didn’t even realize until last night that I haven’t updated my tags since October 2008. That means that on the rare occassions when I’ve been driving around, I’ve been rolling around with expired tags. So when I had my blow-out, all my trips back to visit my parents in SD, the Eibach meet in January, etc….all with old tags haha. I consider myself to be very lucky. Especially with cops always running my tags whenever I roll up anywhere, I’m surprised I didn’t get caught up. Of course my registration paperwork is up to date, I guess with me always rolling around in my daily, I just forgot to put the sticker on and put the paperwork in my car. I had to look through a shitload of my old mail and what not on my messy-ass computer desk before I finally found it.

Guess the blow-out on my tires put everything into motion and mattered more than just a simple ripped up tire. I finally got around to getting some new wheels, updating my tags, washing the fucking thing, and actually getting it to start since it was sitting. Guess things do happen for a reason. With that said, I’m very happy with my new wheels and how they fit. I don’t want to experience another episode of hanging out with my friends for a couple hours on the side of a freeway so I plan on finally getting my alignment readjusted. Gotta fix the toe cuz it is terrible in the rear. After that, it’s time to get this Y33 lower again. I also got little things here and there that I need to install and update…

Oh well, that’s all for now. I leave you with a pic of my Q45 as it sits today and also in the picture is my daily, a 1997 Toyota 4Runner with 221k on the odometer…gotta love those Toyota trucks…I beat the living hell outta this thing…

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  1. haha just saw this on MySpace… were these Vincent’s AX’s?


  3. Thanks man. I knew sooner or later you give us some pics.

  4. Nice. I dig it. ANd thanks for the love on the Truck! LOL!

    • Haha, I had an extra frame laying around because I bought two back then….Funny thing is people always ask me if they can buy it off me…


    You need to go lower haha….

  6. Nice ride

    i really need to align my car soon specially for a 12hr drive to Cali

  7. I knew the bazreia wheels would look so good on a Y33

  8. Never, I thought that’s what they were at first glance. :hammer:

  9. LOL! Corey put fml. Damn that site is hilarious.

  10. mindy is driving the 4runner now?

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