Sportcar Motion does it again…Part 2…

Random mid-day update….I actually forgot to include this in the other post and I don’t want to edit it because you guys might miss it. It’s a clip from the Sportcar Motion Civic at the Redline Time Attack. The driver is none other than Tim Kuo, enjoy….

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  1. Tim actually drove the EG to a faster time than the unlimited FF winner if I read correctly.

    Congrats to Sportcar Motion!

  2. I spy a chronicles sticker!!

  3. Joey didnt even watch the video, he assume the chronicles has no love from me lol

  4. WTF those are pics of the Cams and the Valvetrain that went in my car!! Loi imma have to kick that ass LOL…… Loving the vid mad props to the boys down at Sportcar Motion the only shop in town I trust with my car PROPS!!!

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