Ojay’s Gold Brick…

(There are two updates today so make sure to check out the one after this also…)

As you all know from yesterday’s post, we set out to take some pics and I figure I should probably put them to use by spotlighting one of our cars that usually doesn’t get seen as much as the others. For avid readers of Honda Tuning Magazine, you may remember seeing this Element from the winter 2008 issue. Since then, Ojay’s been doing little things here and there to keep himself occupied and ready for this years show season…

He picked up this one-off set of front and rear Rotora big brakes as well as replacing some OEM parts that had begun to show some wear and tear from all the snowboarding trips. Ojay also installed the OE option rear wing today but didn’t get it done in time for the shoot so it’s not present in the pictures. I think he said he was planning on removing the rack up top to to give the E a more sleek look…

He’s also got some other stuff laying around he needs to install too. Hopefully everything is ready in time for Eibach. I mean, he really doesn’t do anything other than eat hamburgers and sleep but hopefully he’ll find time out of his Naruto schedule to get off his ass and finish it up…

If you wanna see older pics of this car, check out the Hot Stuff International Myspace page. It’s also in the Wek’Fest 2009  coverage as well as other trips we’ve taken. That’s about it for today, I’m out…see you tomorrow.

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  1. I really like the element, I would like to see more specs on this particular element cuz im interested in getting one. And keep the rack, the sporty sleek look goes along way and it actually looks better with the rack… i cant/don’t want to picture it with out the rack actually

  2. Just a well rounded element. I’m surprise we don’t see more of them.

  3. I love this car!

    It would look better without the rack if he was on the Advan RG’s from a few years ago.

  4. So Simple yet so Clean very nice….

  5. i met ojay today. haha funny story i passed by his house and seen his vip, i stopped and got out to talk to him and see what he was doing to his car. he was cool and easy to talk to. he lives in my city! Carson!

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