Hate at it’s worst…A truly tragic event…

I know often times I try to be light-hearted and keep things on a more comedic side on this site. For the most part, people come here to see what kind of shit I’ll say to get a good laugh. This is not one of those moments…. Brian from AS1 passed this along to me and I couldn’t help but mention it here. I think it’s a shame when people resort to vandalism or keying someone’s car just because they don’t like them or hate on them for what they’ve been able to do to their cars. It’s almost as bad as outright theft. Either way, the owner is losing out and has to spend time to repair what was messed up or stolen. You’ll hear stories here and there about someone getting vandalized and you might just let it go one ear and out the other because it’s such a common event. In this instance, I really hope you take this to heart and understand the true utter tasteless behavior that was present when this occurred. To hate on someone, is inevitable just because that’s what haters do…they hate. They say if you’ve never been hated on, then you probably haven’t done anything with your life. But to hate someone because of their ethnic background or religious beliefs and upbringings, is completely unacceptable. I don’t care who you are or where you’re from. We have wars because of this kind of shit. What we do to our cars is supposed to be something enjoyable, it’s a hobby. No one should ever feel in danger of their lives or disrespected to a point where they don’t want to be involved in any hobby…

I must warn you that the pictures below are indeed offensive to some and are very hard to look at if you love cars…

The owner of the car had recently brought his car home from paint and was excited to have his S2000 back. Two days later he woke up to see his car like this…

This is the list of damages done to the S2000 from the owner…

if anyone knows anything about this i am offering $5000 for the name of the person/s who committed this hate crime against me…

thanks guys,
i will no longer be an s2000 owner after thursday, its been a great 3 years with her..

Damage list…

EVERY wire and hose in engine bay cut
ECU Beaten
under dash wires riped out
Sterio stolen
interior ALL slashed
sugar put in gas tank

Now the worst of all

Turbo destroyed
Oil feed cut
Vtec sil. beaten off
Fuel inj broken off
radiator punctured
inter cooler pluming missing
BOV missing
alot of other sh*t missing

and worst of all

after completing my engine with brian crower complete valve parts and stroker kit..

An extreamly corosive liquid was poured into my engine
and to top it all off insurance told me to **** off on getting rembersed on mods

heres a few pics
i have had alot of hardships growing up Jewish but never like this,
i have no more tolerance…

any info email me at Cohej300@csusb.edu

I can’t even imagine the amount of anger that I would feel if something like this happened to me. It’s fucking sad that in today’s day and age that bullshit like this is happening to people. If anyone knows about this and who did this, please pass this along to the owner. He’s kind enough to even offer a reward after all that’s happened to him. My heart goes out to the guy. That’s possibly the worst thing that could ever happen to a car owner. At least when your car is stolen you know they just want it for the parts. What happened to this S2000 was done purely out of hatred over someone’s religious beliefs and who they are. That’s horrible. Kinda makes you wonder what kind of world we live in where bullshit like this can occur without any sort of justice.

The last I saw on the forum it was originally posted at, the FBI was involved and viewed the case as a hate crime and total destruction of personal property. They’re headed over for prints and what not but it’s basically out of their hands if they don’t find anything. Other than that, they gotta hope for someone to come forward and tell them who was behind it.

That’s some bullshit though. Just seeing that shit makes me angry. I can’t imagine how the owner is feeling right now….

If anyone out there knows anything about this, be a respectful human being and come forward. No one deserves this kind of punishment. We gotta step outside the realm of cars and see it more as a vandalized Honda S2000. This is a personal attack on someone’s well being.

If you’re the owner and you’re reading this….Sorry man, I hope you find whoever did this and they get what’s coming to them. Good luck.

Original Thread on Coachella Valley Car Scenes Forum.

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  1. thats so f**** up! thats all I can say

  2. seeing this really just ruined my day. I can’t believe someone would go that low for something so dumb. best of luck to the owner of the car and hope everything works out for him.

  3. that’s really messed up.

  4. Wow, I’m actually saddened by this. I can’t even imagine what the owner feels. Hope he doesn’t drop the hobby because of this. It looks like it could have been a great looking s2k and should not stop because some morons with a knife and some spray paint doesn’t like it. Best of luck and I hope they catch the fucker who did this.

  5. It’s sickening that people still do this. My heart goes out to this guy, no one should have to go through hate like this. I hope they catch those bastards and they get their nazi asses put in a federal pound-me-in-the-ass prison.

  6. fuck that shit. Shit bags better be caught and raped thoroughly by multiple animals.

    Good luck to the guy and hopefully things turn out well, this shit is horrible

  7. WTF is wrong with ppl nowadays this kind of shit makes me sick to my stomach!!! I wish nothing but the best for the owner of the car and I hope these skum bags get cought…….

  8. This ruined my day, these fuckers took it way too far…..pouring sugar in the gas tank and corrosive substance into motor?! RIPPING EVERY WIRE?

    WTF…this is BS shit like this can just walk off…

  9. Wow that is just sad. I’d want to kill whomever did it.
    I can understand why he would want to get out of the scene though. After all that work it only took hours for some punk(s) to destroy it. Hope they catch those responsible.

  10. Wowww…that is just straight up over the top damage. I cannot even imagine the anguish that this guy is going through. I know it sounds like a stretch for him to denounce the hobby of modifying cars, but I think I would be in the same boat if that same thing happened to me. My heart as well as my wishing of luck goes to this owner for this.

  11. If this guy ever finds out who did this, I will personally fly myself out to California and kick the shit out the ignorant piece of shit that did this to his car. There is no more room in this world for low life pieces of shit who perform lame acts of hatred and violence.

  12. Hater. Simply put… hater. Obviously a poor piece of shit, no morals, money or respect… takes it out on a bright dude with a nice future. Sad.

  13. feel sorry for what happened..
    karma will a b**ch man… what comes around goes around

  14. Chin up… Karma is a bitch and what goes around, comes around.

    You may not be able to get the owner, but it will come around and bite them in the butt. They have to live with this now and eventually one day look into the eyes of God and try to explain THIS one.

    Losers of the lowest kind.

  15. No words can describe what I would feel if this happened to me.

  16. Man ………….. that’s so f’ed up in so many ways ……

    I hope that someone catches these guys and puts them down like the rabid animals they are. As both a car lover and a decent person, I’m outraged at what lengths people will go to hurt someone else.

  17. hmm..owner, did u do sumthing bad to somebody to get this kind of punishment..? if u did, this is the karma..if u didnt, then whoever did this was surely gonna get a worst karma..

  18. This is the worst thing ive seen in a long time. I dont see how anyone could have the nerve to do such a thing to anybody. What if they had a sweet ass ride and someone did that to them? How would they feel, and to think that they mindlessly did that really pisses me off. That was a mans pride and joy just completely ruined. Another thing that sucks is that it could have been anybody. They could have put nazi signs just to throw someone off. But whoever it was must have some honda knowledge, how would they have known to beat off the vtec silinoid? That makes me sick and i hope they left prints or some kind of dna to get caught.

  19. what goes thru these peoples head. i mean. fuck with me coward, we’ll go heads up. dont mess with my car and then go hide.

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