Seriously, it’s coming soon…

Really, it’s coming…sorry for the delay guys. It’s been busy as all hell lately on this site too…Hit a milestone in hits the last couple days or so. Thank you everyone for visiting by the way. But I’ll have this up very soon. I’ve been having some issues collecting all the pics for the write-up…

Formula D is this weekend so if you’re a motorsports fan, make sure to go out and check it out…

Remember: “Rotas make James Van Der Beek Cry.”

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  1. the #1 choice of fake wheel with stickers: sprint harts! boooo!

  2. rota track R… for competition

  3. Seriously, it’s coming soon?…..That’s what she said. 😛

  4. Can’t wait to read part 6.

  5. crazy, i just heard about the vork racing wheels last night.. wtf.. and the spec R rotas? geez

  6. I thought they were called “Folks” for “fake Volks.” That shit is like an epidemic in Jersey.

  7. I swear this is just a ploy for more hits per day :p

  8. good chop on the rotamaster emo’s joey!

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