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Well, a bit of upsetting news yesterday but let’s get back on track to what we’re used to seeing here. Photobucket is being a total bitch right now and decided not to work the whole night so I couldn’t get part 6 of “An indepth look at horrible ideas” completed and up for you guys. I don’t like to do shit half ass so I usually sit on the bowl longer, and I also don’t like to do shit half ass so I’m not gonna get the update up until I complete it with images…With that said, I’m just gonna give you guys a bunch of random shit to look at today…

For those of you who haven’t seen the pictures from the photoshoot we did last weekend, then allow me to direct you to those images. I really don’t want to start filling this site up with pics of my own car and what not because I really do want to keep this place Honda-dedicated. You guys already saw the pics we shot of the Element the other day but if you really want to see the pics of Tony’s GS as well as my car, please check out the Hot Stuff International Myspace page, or go here.

For those of you that ordered stickers within the end of last week to this week, they are going out very soon. Stickers have been selling really well lately actually and are going fast so if you want one or two or maybe even 8, please purchase them now before they’re all gone and I have to get another batch made. For information about purchasing stickers, click the “Support the Chronicles…” link above… or just click the link I just typed in.

Most of you probably want something to gawk at while you’re here so here’s a picture from a video that was passed along to me. It’s a porno, yes. I forget the title of it but I also remember seeing it a couple years back and found it to be hilarious. It was a movie featuring Carmen Luvana and other big name stars from a couple years back and it’s notable because it featured alot of Hondas and imports from the Socal show scene. Girls were getting railed on the hoods and doing all kinds of nasty shit on the cars. Guys were spraying their goo everywhere and sweating all over the seats and shit. Definitely funny to see this kind of stuff done on cars that possibly belong to your homies or people that you know….

To make it more “work safe” (not that it really isn’t already), I went ahead and disguised the guy as M. Bison from Street Fighter. I mean, it’s still pretty obvious that the dude is being blown in front of an Integra from Team Hybrid. If your boss manages to walk by and see you staring at this, it won’t really be a problem because the dude is M. Bison, and everybody respects that guy. The owner of the Integra’s name eludes me right now but I’m sure you all recognize the car…Enjoy…

Boss: “What in the wor….Oh is that M. Bison?”

You: “Uhh..yes sir. He’s doing his flying head stomp (Charge Down 2 seconds, then Up + any kick button) and she reversed it with a squatting uhh…midsection grab…”

Boss: “Wasn’t that Integra from Team Hybrid?”

You: “Yessir…”

Boss: “Oh okay, carry on.”

The Chronicles Motherfucker. “Never been afraid to say what’s on my mind at any given time or day…”

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  1. haha…m bison. good shit.

  2. So everyone respects that guy LOL…….

  3. haha weird shit oh thats samir rai’s car….also was in that black magic wax ad a while back. good to see it accomplishing bigger and better things like a porno haha

  4. I hate M. Bison…but that teg is definitely memorable, even more so now HAHA

  5. LOL on the M. Bison. Reminds me of the SFW porn vid.

    I found it. HAHAHAHA!

  6. hahahaha damn I need to jump on SF4 again.

  7. LMAO@Bison.

  8. isnt there a porno out there with a guy driving a rsx and they get out and bang next to the car? ill try to find it

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