Fake wheels with real stickers…a follow-up…

I’m happy to see that everyone is enjoying the previous post about me ranting like an asshole about people who rock real stickers on fake wheels. I know many of you agree with me and some may not, but let me explain the method behind my madness. When I first started building cars back almost 10 years ago, my first set of wheels were a set of Racing Hart CP-035s…or so I thought. At that time I was still very green and didn’t really know too much about wheels and what not and the concept of Rotas and replica wheels was basically non-existent. I always thought there was something funny about the wheels though. When I saw other sets of the same wheels at shows and stuff, the wheels I had seemed a bit “off”. I began researching the wheels and went on the Racing Hart website to compare and what not. I originally purchased the wheels from Ebay so that made me wonder even more if that shit was legit. If you know CP-035 wheels, they’re a very simple design and the Rota Subzeros are basically on point as far as replication. You could probably only tell if they were side by side. The only thing I really noticed was that the color was a bit off from the real Racing Hart wheels. Again, at that point in time, I had no idea what Rotas were. I didn’t even think people made knockoff wheels. I was very naive. Oh I forgot to mention that my wheels even had the Racing Hart and “CP-035” stickers on them…so they had to be real right? I began asking around and someone mentioned to me that I should look on the inside of the wheel for the correct labels and engravings. Sure enough, I look at the backside of the hub and what do I see? “R O T A”. Ever since that day, I have despised replica wheels. I hated them for a different reason back then though. More because I was ripped off and tricked into thinking that the wheels were real. I would hate for another guy who just got into fixing up cars to be ripped off like that or have the potential to get jacked. I never did find the person who sold those wheels to me. Once I found out they were fakes I took the stickers off and just kept them around as spares. I really didn’t even want to have anything to do with them because it always left a bad taste in my mouth getting jipped. Can you imagine the feeling for a young kid to get ripped off of his hard-earned money like that? It fucking sucks. That’s why I fucking hate people that try to justify using the real stickers on their fake ass wheels. If you want to roll on fake/replica wheels, so be it. But don’t try to act like you got the real shit by putting the decals on. That was the point of the post. I noticed some guys trying to defend Rotas and shit. I don’t care if people have that shit or not, it’s your car, but don’t front. Plain and simple.

In the previous post you’ll notice a pic of some low-offset TE37 fakes with the Volk stickers on them. That actually comes from a 350z forum where the owners tried to justify rocking the stickers because he had the authentic Rays valve stems. He said he was “supporting both companies” so that makes it okay for him to have the stickers on his Rotas. That’s…fucking…stupid. Not because of his feable attempt at an explanation,…but because he thinks that people would actually believe it…

With that said, here is some more poser gold….

Ehh…I’ve had a set of Work Meister S1s that I painstakingly refinished. I had to reorder the original Work stickers from Work Wheels Japan and that shit was fucking expensive. Probably about the price of a Rota wheel. So consider the wheel above of some value. Unless the sticker is fake too…

What’s really sad is that these wheels are on an R32 Skyline….yikes…

Thanks to everyone for reading and guys like Jay at JDM EGO for linking it on their sites.

Here’s an updated version of a gif I made awhile back….enjoy…


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  2. That Gif is hilarious………Good shit, and i have seen alot lately of the concaved te-37 lookalikes with the volk stickers, I just think with this big offset crave, that there is certain people out there tryin hard to fit in so they buy knockoff rims and throw stickers on them to fit in.

  3. It’s sad they try to fit in by rocking the stickers only to get slapped in the face cause most people can tell they’re not legit. This just makes them look like cheap douchebags.
    All this talk of fake wheels with real stickers reminds me of companies copying bodykit designs and applying them to every damn car out there. First that comes to mind was the OG Veilside Supra. At the time everyone jocked that kit. Then you had other companies copy it and whore it out like no other. I know you guys remember the Erebuni Shogun. So sad that rip offs are prevalent in the scene more than ever now. Enough with the instant gratification. Work hard and pay for the legit products. Innovate don’t immitate.

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  6. All in All with this fakin the funk, this type of stuff puts good legitiment(spelling?) companies out of business. It sucks that people would rather buy knockoffs for half the price and less quality and have really good products wiped off the market due to good companies going bankrupt!!!

  7. Dude, yer shit cracks me up…err, except the part about getting ripped off on those fake RH’s. That sucks. Sry to hear that.
    I totally stumbled across that d-bag on the Z forum one day too and it made me wish for technology that allowed you to PM somebody a punch in the face.

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