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If Norman hasn’t already e-mailed you, texted you, called you, came to your house, or sent a smoke signal your way,…there’s a meet this weekend. There hasn’t been any gatherings or anything of late so definitely expect a pretty big turnout at this one. It’s gonna be held over at Rosewood Royale in Bellflower. If you guys haven’t heard of it before, it’s like a barbershop that has been at that location for over 4 decades or something and one day a couple of entrepreneurs took  over the place and opened up a clothing store alongside it. The backstory on the place is pretty cool because it has alot of history behind it and it’s interesting to see it turned into a modern hip-hop clothing store. It gets it’s name from the two cross streets that it’s located at; Rosecrans Ave. and Woodruff. Anyways, everyone should definitely head down there. It’s a BBQ meet too so expect to see food there. If not, then there are also other food spots around that area. I’m actually only about 5 minutes away from the place so I’m familiar with the area. Okay I lied. It’ll probably take me about 30 minutes to get there because I have to drag my car out of my complex without getting my exhaust caught on the speedbumps. Speaking of hamburgers (what?), I actually ate at the Carl’s Jr. in that same shopping center when I was getting my catalytic converter replaced after some fuckface stole that shit over night from my truck. Yup, they just cut that shit right off and yanked it….

I will of course be there so if you want to come up to me and complain about random shit or tell me how much you hate this site, I’ll try to accomodate you. I’m usually pretty open to discussion but it helps if you bring food. If you want to purchase a sticker that might be a possibility also. I gotta run to my sticker guy and ask him to make some more….

What else you got going on? Might as well stop by and chill with some homies and stare at cars. Okay I’m down advertising for free now, just go to the damn thing. It’ll be fantastic. Imagine like 20 naked women huddled around you waiting for you to take advantage of them….yessss….and then squeeze one out and try to go to the meet. Alright I’m outta here. Thanks to all the recent new viewers coming in from all over the world reading this site. Japan, Sweden, Antarctica, Narnia, whaaaa? Crazy. Hope you enjoy what you see…if not, donate me like $40 grand and I’ll stop, I promise

Meet info here…courtesy of Octa-dad…

Date: April 19th (Sunday)

Time and Place: 12-6 pm @

Rosewood Royale
14239 Woodruff Ave.
Bellflower, CA 90706

Even Hosts: Rosewoods, StayFresh, Street Geekz, AS1 Family

Event: Car meet & BBQ

Coverage (invited): Joey Lee (The Chronicles/Unlimited Handsome), Rodrez (Honda Tuning), Alex Zhao (, Ani (Wired On Honda)

Sponsors: GSpot Automotive (Frank), INFINITwheels (Anthony & Danny), SHOWSTOPPERSusa (Chuck & Rocky)

Cause: Does a reason need to be given for a Sunday BBQ? Having some good food with great friends at a chill spot is the perfect way to end a week and start your next. I think with the -Roots-, this is the way to do it. Without all the bells and whistles, this is where it all started. Cars, Clothes, and Chicks! The three c’s that go hand in hand with todays Japanese Import Auto Culture. You combine that with good music, free food, and a chill environment, it’s everything you could want all in one spot. Stay Fresh, Rosewoods, StreetGeekz, and the AS1 family would like to give you just that.

We believe that the old school roots and basics is what the import community need not forget. Do you remember going to old school shows and meets, where trophies and opinions didn’t matter.? Where if you had anything other than an American car, you were considered in the import scene? When it didn’t matter if you drove a Honda, Toyota, or whatever? That’s where we need to be.

So if you’ve had a hard week and just find the need to unwind, please stop by. If it’s a fresh line up, some new fits, or just a good time that you’re looking for, then we got you. This is where you need to be. We need to bring that sense of “Community” back in to full effect. Just like it was then and just like it should be now.

Special Invites go out to: Phaze2, Cali LUV, JDM kids, FourDoorWhores, Hyper16valve, DPK, Kosoku, IV Ace, AutoPilot, Supastars, Nakama, Gpot, Showstoppers, Hasback, TopDown, and to all the Homies that support the JIAC local and non local. Just come down to chill, get fed, laced up, and lined up.

This meet is for anyone who’s not down with DRAMA OR BULL SHIT!
*THIS JUST IN: INFINIT WHEELS WILL BE DONATING WHEELS FOR THE RAFFLE! Nothing too specific yet, but I was informed that wheel brands such as SSR, Mugen, 5zigen, or BLITZ will be raffled off! Thanks Anthony and Danny!*

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  1. Imma head out there if I can get all my parts installed by Sunday………

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