A Nostalgic Moment…Mike Chang’s DB Integra…

I’ll be honest, this was one of the few issues of Super Street that I used to own. Back then I had more issues of Import Tuner because it was the flashier magazine. And at that age, you’re all about the flash and wild stuff. Plus, there were girls in that publication and Super Street was more along the lines of a Sport Compact Car minus all the tech. Not exactly sure why I bought this particular issue but I’m thinking the car I’m gonna talk about had a little bit to do with it. In 2000, there wasn’t too many of these rolling around and the simple styling was just a nice change of pace. If this car were around today, set-up exactly like it did in 2000, it would still be very current…

This is Mike Chang’s Integra, or it was at the time anyway. This was back when Hybrid was in full force and basically on top of the import showcar game. Today, they’re still around, but not really near the prominence that the original group achieved…

This DB had it all, Mugen everything, B18C1, it was a U.S. Honda-owners dream Integra, and probably the closest people had seen to a 4-door Type R of it’s time. The car was eventually given to Mike’s girl, Julie Han. I’m sure many of you remember who she was because she received alot of attention and success after she complete redid the car….

I wish I had pics of it but I’m sure many of you have seen it. Especially if you used to peruse Onlineshowoff.com alot back in the day. She along with her car were on there alot. I actually didn’t even remember this feature until I glanced through the mag  recently. I personally remember it when she had it but I did remember that it used to be Mike’s. I’m not too sure what happened to the car, maybe got sold and what not. Man, looking back at these features just reminds me how far photographers and features have come along in the past 9 years. Everything was just so simple then and the photos weren’t anywhere near the quality they are now….

Actually here’s a pic I found. The only pic I could find actually….Look at the car guys…come on…I think the two of them are actually married now…

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  1. Damn, 9 years ago. If this car was still the way it was back then, it would still shit on everyone!

    I remember this car from onlineshowoff though, the main display pic she used was in front of a white concrete sign… I think… haha

  2. Probably cause the image is stored in his head under the FAP files. LOL!
    Robocop FAP gif ftw!

  3. What was the reason Super Street featured this? I remember in 2000 they were still all about the rice..

    Hey Joey, remember Honda Tuning featured that Team Prototype yellow CRX on their COVER? The one with DC5 front lights, “Feel’s” bumper, SLK rear lights, and all yellowed out on the inside??

    • Yup, I still do remember. I use to see that CRX around all the time too because Team Prototype wasn’t that far away from where I lived. They were still reusing photos from other mags and what not back then. Honda Tuning was WAYYYY different back in those times.

  4. i haven’t been around that long to know how big Hybrid was back in the day, but Hybrid is still pretty big here in SD.

  5. that car was the reason why one of my friends got a 4dr integra for his graduation.

  6. unfortunately pookie’s car was stolen =\

    that car was SO clean.

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