The Fast & The Furious 5 set for Brazil…Blanka to star…

Okay I lied. But the next installment of the Fast and the Furious franchise was confirmed yesterday by Paul Walker on a radio station…

According to Jalopnik…

Paul Walker just confirmed in a radio interview that he and Vin Diesel are set to star in the fifth The Fast and the Furious, which will be set in Brazil. The fourth installment brought in over $75 million in the first weekend, so this isn’t really a huge surprise. The Brazil location should be interesting.

What do Hondas and other imports have to do with Brazil you ask? Well, absolutely nothing! With the way the most recent movie went and how it was more based on domestics, don’t be surprised to see an even smaller presence of imports in the next movie. Not really a surprise at all though considering Vin Diesel is producing the movies now. But oh well, I’m waiting for Blanka to show up and do a roll attack on Brian Spilner….

There’s another update coming, I just thought it was interesting and worth a mention…check back later for more stuff…

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  1. Ummmmm interested!!! I have nothing to say until the actual Movie is release or some more info leaks out……..

  2. Brazil you say?


    white girl

    yum yum powder


    nom nom nom

  3. I love the constant Streetfighters reference haha…

  4. It’s cause he sleeps, eats, and plays SF4 online. LOL! Well most days at least.

  5. Okay I just started laughing cause I just noticed “Blanka” in the blue R34. LOL!

  6. hahaah same here wtf hahah

  7. All the movie needs is Chun-Li and Guile and its set!

  8. after i read DOODS Bobachris comment i scrolled up and started laughing too like wtf! his expression is classic

  9. I’m pretty sure Vin Diesel would be perfect as Blanka in a future Street Fighter movie…
    Lol, those pics however gave me a good laugh, nearly threw the coffee I was drinking on the screen!!!

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