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Man you guys are disgusting…did everyone really have to click on the naked auntie pics like 120 times? That’s fucking disturbing haha… at least the other 90% decided against it but for the unlucky 10%, I hope the next time you squeeze off some knuckle children you picture auntie looking at you seductively…

Anyways, I didn’t get much time to do anything major today but I have been working on some stuff for the Eibach meet. The stickers are coming and I’m having a larger batch made. That’s why some of you that ordered them within the past 2 weeks or so haven’t received anything yet. I promise they are coming. I’m also gonna make a batch of t-shirts too but I’m not sure how many to make. The design will be relatively simple but I’m still working on a finalized version. It would be nice to get a headcount of how many people actually want to pick one up and help me rep even if you’re not attending Eibach. I’m looking at around $15 per shirt so if you’re interested, please let me know what size you want and I’ll try to make sure you get one. Otherwise, I’m just gonna sell them outright and I can’t guarantee that I’ll have your size available…

Thanks to everyone that’s been so supportive in keeping this shit going….

If you read the post yesterday, my homie Chris Sullivan is still searching for someone or a group of someones to roll down to Eibach with from Norcal. I think he’s had a couple people hit him up but nothing is definite yet. If you want him to roll with you guys and want quality shots of your cars in the process, make sure to let him know soon. You can either hit me up on here or the thread on NWP4LIFE. He doesn’t even need a ride back to Norcal because he’ll be taking off on his own  from LAX.

For those of you lazy to read everything above:

1. Stickers are coming, just waiting on my sticker guy to make a big batch.

2. Shirts are coming soon for $15. If you want one, let me know what size you are and I’ll make sure I have your size available.

3. 120 clicks on the auntie pics….really? Yikes…

4. Chris still needs a ride down from Norcal to cover Eibach trip for S3 magazine as well as the Chronicles.

Get it? Got it? Good….

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  1. i feel nausea looking at those aunt pics.

  2. did you get an AP2 or something? cuz this is the first time i’ve seen one car whore the entire banner. lol.

  3. i want a super cool t shirt… i need a small hahahah

  4. Count me in for XL shirt for sure!!! ill be rolling with Loi that day so I will eventually run into you………

  5. i want a t-shirt too. small of course cause i have the body of a 12 year old.

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