A follow up to the S2000 hate crime…

I can sit here and honestly say that I am proud of our automotive community for the out-pouring of support for the owner of the S2000 that was so brutally defaced. I don’t know if he really wanted that much attention directed at him because it was originally posted on somewhat of a small forum but posting his story up on The Chronicles has actually brought people in from all directions, not just the Honda crowd. I’m talking like, RC forums, Dodge Caliber forums, my350z.com, Dodge Durango forums, etc. etc…The story has even reached forums overseas. This not only speaks volumes for the automotive community but for human beings as a whole. The majority are in agreement that what occurred was completely fucked up and uncalled for. There are a few out there that are trying to convince people that it was a result of insurance fraud or because the guy is a bad person and that is certainly not the case. If the guy is a dick head, okay, maybe he gets fucked with but nothing to this extent. It’s one thing for someone to get attacked for acting a certain way. In the end they control how they present themselves to the world. But for someone to get attacked because of who they are or what they were born as is totally uncalled for. Afterall you don’t control what womb you climb out of. It truly is a shame that there are still people in the world today that commit crimes such as this and are willing to go out of their way to hurt another person. That’s why it’s a great thing that people are showing their support to the owner and making sure that they pass along a kind word. It gives a brighter glimpse at the world’s future and shows that there really are people out there that care, whether or not they even know the other person. It sucks that it took such a heinous act to remind us that people care but at the same time I guess we kind of need a reminder that bad shit exists in the world, even in our own backyard and not just in some foreign country…

As for an update. The last time I checked on that forum, I read that the owner actually decided not to leave the community and plans to build another car. He’s also going to be apart of an event/show where 50% of the proceeds go to his new project. It’s good that he hasn’t let this stop him from doing what he loves. If he did then he would just be allowing those individuals to beat him so it’s an awesome thing that he still has the drive.  He also bought his car back after it was deemed totalled so that he can sell whatever is left to fund his new project.

One can only hope that not too many stories like this pop up in the future and the only pics we see on the internet are pictures of progress instead of horrible vandalism or cars that are recovered from theft. It’s hard enough to build a car nowadays because of the stigma and negativity that’s associated with the hobby and hate crimes like that do nothing but add to it. For those of you who have experienced something similar or just been hated on for who you are, just remember that we’re all human and there are people out there that care even if they’ve never had the chance to hear your story.

Thanks for reading everyone. Not so much fun and games today but it’s something that has to be said….

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  1. Glad to hear he kept his head up and still in the game 🙂

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