T-shirt stuff…

I think I’ve finally decided on a design for a tee. I wanted to do more but figured it would be wiser to just keep it simple. Preferably for the black shirts I would like to do the lettering in gold. I know it looks yellow in the pic but I can’t get the kind of gold I envisioned out of the color pallette in Photoshop….

Here is the white version. Not sure if I wanna do just the black or white, or just do both so people have a selection. I did the white one first so it may seem a bit simpler. I could do the lettering outline in a different color. Maybe even the gold that’s on the black…I’m just gonna make a small batch initially just to see how they look and I’ll have a couple available for sale and what not. I was gonna put “Honda dedicated” or something like that but figured it’d be kinda cheesy to have that shit on there so I left it out….Anyways, that’s what I got for now. Let me know what you guys think.
Stickers are coming too I swear. I’m supposed to pick them up tomorrow. D1 was happening and my sticker guy has been busy doing their cars and what not. I’ll have stickers and shirts available at Eibach if you’re interested in picking one up and supporting the site. Traffic has really picked up lately and I think this place is really catching on among the car community and not just within Hondas.

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  1. I’d rock the black on in XL. Of course in time I’m sure I’ll be the only one with a clean, unmolested version just like the DOODS shirts. LOL!
    Oh for Ojay’s you know it has to be a black wife beater like Ike. I’d say Chris Brown, but that wasn’t his wife he beat. HAHA

  2. Oh man HSI shirts would be classic. I think we need those for Nisei. Gotta represent strong all day Looooooooooooooooooooooong.

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