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I’ll get a bigger update tomorrow. I’m actually busy working this week. While you guys are getting your cars ready for Eibach, I’m busy writing about cars instead. The weather looks like it’s gonna be kinda hot, but hopefully not as hot as last year. So all you guys who wear super tight pants and purple shirts *cough*norcal*cough*, make sure you wear the super tight pants with the tears in them and have your Kanye glasses on so the breeze gets into yo eyes. I’m still looking through some of the build threads and trying to compile a list of cars that should have a fair amount of attention. That is, if they make it to the event of course. Usually when you’re so busy concentrating on finishing up a car, you forget minor details like ummm…registration…and oil and gas or something. Just make sure you guys make it there safely and shit doesn’t catch on fire or something. Getting stranded on the side of the road isn’t fun either. Trust me, I’ve been stranded somewhere along the SD-LA freeway at one time or another in all my cars. It is not that fun. The thought of standing on the side of the road while cars zoom by you at 75mph may sound appealing, but it’s all hype. Believe it. It’s actually pretty interesting how so many people are coming out from the other coast and from up north this year. This makes me believe that this Eibach might be the biggest one ever. There are naysayers out there who once said that once they started to charge for parking, the Eibach meet would die. Well it’s been a couple years since and it looks like everything is all and well.

Good news about the shirts, I was honestly kind of worried that they wouldn’t be done in time for the event but it looks like it might actually come through. I can’t wait to see everyone wearing black shirts in mid 90s weather. Everyone is gonna look like hell regardless, so don’t worry about a little sweat. Let’s remember that everyone is gonna be out there way early and probably lacking sleep from the night before, whether they be prepping or partying.

Anyways, off to sleep and then back to work again. It’s tough job kids, but someone’s gotta work a couple days out of the month. Haha…I’m not at liberty to reveal what or who I’m writing a feature on but I can tell you this…’s….a….Honda. ! <–exclamation mark denotes surprise.

Oh that reminds me…please go out and pick up an issue of Honda Tuning magazine. If you have like 13 bucks to spare, why not get a subscription? Then that shit just comes to your house and you don’t even have to stand in line at 7-11 to buy one. It’s a pretty good magazine. Trust me. It’s definitely worth the read. There’s a guy who looks alot like me that writes for them. I heard he was quite charming and has boyish good looks and he’s also a pretty good writer. He might even be better than me. His style is similar to mine minus the “fuck” and “shit” that’s often seen on this site. I don’t know, judge for yourself. I’m just saying….

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  1. Hope to pick up a shirt and some stickers from you at eibach. Any tall sizes by any chance?

    You wrote the article on the tsx? Good read.


  3. Honda Tuning better thank you… because I just signed up for a 2 year subscription.

  4. Looking foward to taking delivery of my XL shirt on Sunday, oh yea I already have a Honda Tuning subscription so I dont have to stand in line at the local Kwik E Mart………

  5. Norcal tight pants crew reppin!

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