Rest in peace friend…

Just got back from Donut Hut in Burbank to spend some time with friends and to mourn the passing of Armando Flores Jr. Many of you NWP4Life and HT forum followers know him as “Coke in a Can” but to us he was a son, a brother, a friend, and an all around great guy. It’s hard to even fathon the thought that we lost another fellow enthusiast. You always hear about these kind of things on the news and stuff but never think that it would happen to you. It’s just another remind that life is truly precious. You never know what the day may bring. That’s why it’s always good to remind the ones around us how much they really mean to us. You just never know when it could be that last time you see them you know. I’m honestly kind of still in disbelief and at a complete loss for words. Armando was a friend that I had just recently got to know on a personal level and now I’ll never get the opportunity to speak to him again. The last time I saw him was at DPK David’s birthday bbq and he even just left a comment a couple posts back on here letting me know that he wanted to pick up a Chronicles shirt from me. It’s tough anytime you lose someone and it’s even harder to see others who have to go through it. Nothing you say can really bring them back and it’s a humbling thought. There’s been a huge outpouring of support and kindness since the news of his passing so hopefully this will help the healing process. I sat here for awhile trying to finish up the tribute I did for him and I almost feel as if I wouldn’t be able to do the guy justice. There are a couple of guys in our circle of friends that know him best and hopefully I can draw some inspiration from them. As soon as I can get it finished I’ll put it up. It really hasnt hit me yet that he’s really gone. It’s crazy.

For those of you who don’t know him personally, we’re working on something to pay tribute to him at the Eibach meet this Sunday so make sure to come out and show your support for a fellow enthusiast.

That’s all I really got for now, I’m really just at a loss for words….


Rest in Peace Armando, we all miss you.

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  1. Sorry to hear that !!

    Was it an accident ?


  2. Damn sorry for the loss. My heart goes out to his family and friends.


  3. R.I.P.

    I remember reading his posts just not long ago too

  4. man its a trip how things work…… u see people one day then theyre gone the next. sucks…..! i didnt kno him personally but always is around when we go out in big events. i kno hes a cool guy too. rip man…… oh yea i heard about the get together last night in burbank but me and may were already in bed…… wish we went…..

  5. i actually heard about this, and his photography was some of my favorite. He was also a great inspiration to many in the car game. RIP.

  6. My condolences. I am actually making the trip out to Eibach all the way from Texas this year so I’ll be sure to show some support.

  7. wish I could make it out to Eibach guys… I didn’t know him personally, but here one day gone the next.

  8. may the homie rest in paradise.

  9. Rest in Peace

  10. Thanx for the suppor Joey, it was nice seeing you and everyone else that came out to the donut shop. R.i.P Mando! I miss you homie.

  11. mando was my godbrother.i looked up to him a lot…we werent too close only because he was way older..he took me skating when he was from afroman…thats my greatest memory of him i miss him n love him a lot i hope hes resting well….pls contact me i wana be a part of whatever you guys do for him..n i wana purchase a chronicles t shirt like the one he wanted…-jerry

  12. I’m also his 1st cousin, and i just have to say that i know we had grown apart now that we are older but everytime i think back to when we were kids and remember the things that him and i did together or with other relatives, i laugh and smile and tear up..He was so ambitious even then..I will never forget when he roller bladed all the way to my house from burbank just to come hang out with me..He was funny, he was kind..I miss him so much..and weenie if u read this i know im still away but im here for you ANYTIME you need to talk or hang out or anything..i love you guys and Im so sorry for the loss of our cousin, ur brother…But please always remember that HE IS in a GREAT place and that he is watching over you. Mando i love you I wont ever forget you and all the fun times we had..xoxo to you in heaven…

    Love your cousin,
    Sandra martinez,bre, jay and kay(his neice and nephews)

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