Shirts are ready…

Picked up the shirts today. Special thanks to Loi Song for actually physically picking them up…I was too busy sitting in traffic all day and almost didn’t make it in time to swoop them up. I have a limited supply of these so if you’re really interested, please let me know and I will save you one. Make sure to actually come pay for them though or else I’ll remember and you’ll get a special shout-out from me on the internet. Either that or I’ll grab the mic at Eibach and announce your name to everyone….

Price: $15

Sizes: S, M, L, XL, and (1) 3XL tall

Colors: White w/gold lettering & Black w/gold lettering

Look for me at the Eibach meet or if you don’t know what I look like, ask whoever is wearing one that day and they will direct you to me. Thanks.

I will also have some stickers available for you guys too for whoever wanted to purchase. The ones that paid online, they will definitely go out to you, so don’t worry….

There is also gonna be a very large supply of stickers dedicated to the memory of Armando Flores Jr. aka Coke in a Can. All proceeds from these stickers will go to the Flores family. So please try to donate to the family. We are not making a profit off these and these are made specifically for the family. Only available at the Eibach meet. Stickers are 10×2.5 inches. Colors are only in white. Please please please support a good cause. Look for HeyMikeyyyy, Salemmm, DJ Murdock 818, me, or any of the Phaze2xDoods/Hot Stuff guys and we will help you out. These are not directly related to this site nor will I profit from these. This is in loving support of our fallen friend. Thank you in advance for helping.

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  1. Save one XL Black and Gold one for me ill holler at you when I spot you ill be in the Blue DC5 that rolls in with Loi

  2. i’ll see ya there tomorrow bro. save me the 3XL Shirt, I’ll defintitely pick that up. my name is Henry by the way. if you’d like a paypal deposit, shoot me an email:

  3. I’m got to try an pick something up. If not I’ll contribute something to the flores family.

  4. Got my shirt from Loi early this morning me and Billy were rocking them all over Eibach!!!

  5. I was going to pick up a shirt from you but you were nowhere to be found after we bumped into eachother. Next time

  6. interested in a shirt and stickers but would need them shipped out to the east coast

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