Armando’s Memorial…

For those of you who want to attend the memorial for Armando Flores Jr., the service will be held at Forest Lawn Cemetery off the 134 freeway.

The address is:

6300 Forest Lawn Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90068

The viewing will be from 5pm to 9pm on May 21st at Forest Lawn.

The actual memorial service will begin promptly at 12:30pm on May 22nd at the Forest Lawn Church of the Hills.

It would mean alot to the friends and family of Armando Flores Jr. if you could make it out there and pay your respects. It’s always tough to lose a loved one and having the support of friends and family will only help in the healing process.

As many of you know, the annual Eibach meet is this Sunday and will be dedicated to the memory of our friend. We will be having a moment of silence at noon on that day. All of Armando’s friends got together and will be bringing out his S2000 as well as the DC2 that he once owned. The new owner was kind enough to revert the car back to the same state that Armando had it in. HeyMikeyyyy and the rest of the guys will also have stickers available for everyone that wants to donate some money to the Flores family. Thanks to everyone in advance who are coming out to support the cause and for everyone’s kind words. If anyone needs any information regarding the service, the fund raising, etc. feel free to contact me and I will pass the word along or direct you to the appropriate people who can answer all your questions.

With that said, I thought I would pass along a blog post tha Armando put together before his passing. Duffman Eddie saw this posted on his Myspace page and passed it along to other fellow NWPer’s. If you didn’t know Armando then reading this will definitely help shed some light on exactly the type of person that he was. I sit here regretfully thinking that I myself did not have enough conversations with the man when he was around….All I can say about what he wrote is…”No truer words have ever been said.”

Sometimes, just sometimes… we go through some immense pain in our lives that we learn something of ourselves. We learn who we are. Not all people can do this. Trust me. I’ve seen a ton of people get hurt around me yet fall back into the same perpetual bullshit and never really learn from their experience.When you learn this “thing” of yourself it’s the most amazing thing if you could actually step back and notice it. Realize it. Focus on it. And see what it is you did with yourself to be a better person.

When I say better person it does not mean help the homeless, give money away, or do favors for people, those are things you should be capable of doing regardless of whatever you have or will go though, that is just a natural way of life to help others in need.

But to be a better person, improving yourself. Learning a new language, taking up a sport, going back to school, dressing better, bring your friends back together, learning to write. These are all things that once accomplished you sit back and go “whoa”.

My mind had cleared. It has settled. My scars have healed and are starting to fade. Each day passing seems to be more beautiful and I feel like no one else can see it but me. No one takes the time to close their eyes and feel the breeze. To walk through a garden and smell each flower and almost feel that new scent you’ve never taken in before. To listen to a song, not speak one word and listen to each strum of the guitar, each symbol of the drums, every lyric being spit from the vocalist, and let the whole damn thing consume you. let the whole song take you in and make everything else just go away.

Wake up early, grab a cup of coffee with someone you care about and watch the sunrise.
Take in that early morning scent and remember your childhood, and know how fucking lucky you are to be alive and well off. To have your family and friends who love you. Each day is a gift. Embrace it. Cherish it. Adore it. For one day…… it will be your last.

These thoughts consume my mind each day. I try very hard to not let it bring me down, and lately, it hasn’t. I start to smile for all the wonderful things that are around me. My dad has grown to be such an amazing guy. My mother has taught me the meaning of strength. My friends have shown me how much I mean to them. I love them. I never though I would be so lucky to have each and every one of you in my life. You’re all welcome in my home anytime of the day. You need someone to talk to, I’d love to. 4am, who cares. It’s those moments of being half asleep, stumbling to the door and one of your friends asking if he could come in for some coffee and conversation.

I need that in my life, that blender of mixed fruits. Each one of you a different flavor, a different mindset. With all of you offering something different to the table. All of you opening up my eye’s to things I’ve never seen before. Fresh, New, inspiring. My life is what it is because of people like you. I’ve been able to see you, inspect you, observe you and see who you are and if you are what I need in my life. Luckily you have made it this far into my life. Luckily I have made it this far into yours.

Take that time, it’s sounds so typical but seriously. Take that fucking time. Listen to what everyone has to say. Stop dwelling on your own hypocritical bullshit and take the time to hear your loved ones out. Open your ears, hearts, minds to the possibility of other life out there than your own. You want to pay attention to you, of course. But remember who’s with you, who’s next you, supporting you, listening to you, and try to return that favor with the same respect.

Remember the best things in your life. Throw out the negative nonsense and smile. Smile for this is your day. This day is beautiful. This day someone loves you. This day someone needs you. This day you can find the pleasure in something so simple and pure and you can go to sleep with a smile. Go to sleep and dream. Dream about what you want and who you love, and when you wake up. I will be right there to help you. Because I have learned from my pain, and will not let those around me feel that alone. Not ever again. -Armando Flores Jr. (April 22nd, 2009)


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  1. WOW! Just WOW… I have been following this site for about the past 4 months and have enjoyed it greatly. I am a big fan of your site from first thing in the morning reading your blogs. This right here, what Armando wrote is just tranquil. Captivating. It bring peace to my heart that we not only have a universal connections through our cars but through our hearts and minds. It is heartbreaking to hear someone with such wisdom and output on life that projects this energy has been sent to God’s hands. Everything he wrote is exaclty on things a day to day person should understand and embody. I could not have put it any other way. Thanks Armando Flores Jr. for blessing us with your enlightement of life and living. My blessing go out to Armando, his family, friends, and those he has moved through his presence. rest in Peace brother.

  2. Sigh… R.I.P. I probably ran into him back in 05, but it was once or twice and never really exchanged words… Such a shame.

  3. This man and I had plenty in common. I feel terrible that I never got to know him. Some of the words he said resemble my silent thoughts. Reading those words gives me a better understanding of what person i’ve missed out on. Damn!

    R.I.P. Armando. I’m sure you’re in that beautiful place you’ve always wanted to see.

  4. Wow. Reading what he wrote makes it even harder to believe such a great guy is gone.

  5. Hello,

    I never met Armando, but i’ve met his girlfriend Aimee, my heart go’s out to her and his family.

    Aimee and his family God bless you. Aimee GOD will help you with this pain.

    Aimee Im really sorry you have to go through this pain…I KNOW how you feel.

    Love and Peace Maria

  6. Armando:

    I am so sad to know about you passing. I have known your Mother and Father for a long time, words can even discribed the pain your family is experiencing. Your sister I know is also missing you. I just found out a few days ago. I feel like this happened only a few days ago. The only thing tht helps me is to know that God has called you to his kingdom. We may not understand why, but I know that you are with him. Your life here brought Joy and Happiness. May we all reach your love, love of life and willingness to put forth your best. Your talents will surely be missed. We love you, Claudia, Sam, Justine and Family. Te Quremos Mucho!!!!!!!!!

  7. Crazy how it’s been two years, I never met the guy.. but I can still feel his love through others that I know. A lot of people pass.. many are forgotten. From what I’ve experienced, there is no way in the world Armando’s friends could ever forget him.

    Eibach 2009 really opened my eyes to aspect of Honda family.. and I really hope that just one day, someone else will be able to grasp what I’ve felt from Armando Flores’ Jr’s support.

    RIP buddy.. there are many here that miss you. Your words mean something here and they always will. Never met you homie, but thanks for being a homie to mine.


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