Follow The Chronicles on Twitter…

I’m not really sure what Twitter is all about or how it works, or how people can see themselves in a mirror, or well, anything but now you can follow my ass around on Twitter. Now you can find out when I update, shit I see, or just basically any hijinks that I encounter that’s directly related to “The Chronicles…”

Follow me on Twitter even though I don’t have a cell phone that contains a feature where I can use this…awesome. Tweet Tweet.

The Chronicles on Twitter…

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  1. Oh NOOOOO!!! Not you too Joey….

  2. say noooo to twitter

  3. Can I get my money back for the shirt I bought 😉

    If you don’t have a phone that handle twitter how do you plan to twitter on the go? That’s what its meant for isn’t it? If your planning to log on to a computer to tweet just update the site…

  4. i have twitter and barely reply to anything haha! we’ll see how this goes…. =P

  5. I see this dying off fast. Twitter is just like the update feature on Facebook. Only difference is Facebook is to update people you know and Twitter is for people you possibly want to get to know.

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